Amber Housley

Letter: Month One

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Dear Colin,

It's hard to believe that four weeks have gone by.
It seems just like yesterday you were placed into our arms at the
hospital. I am a few days late on your very first monthly letter.
Really, I started this letter a few times in my head on the days
leading up to your one month birthday. Usually late at night around
your 2am feeding when it's just you and me. It's just now that I've
gotten some time to sit and write this out. Sometimes I feel like your
Daddy and I are "winging this," if you will. We've read dozens of books
and magazines, took classes, and even then we were not fully prepared
for what life would be like for us with you in it. We are doing our
best and we thank you for your patience as we navigate this new role
for us. We are loving every minute of it!

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are gaining weight (10.2lbs at your one month check-up) and you are almost out of your newborn clothes and
started wearing some 0-3 month outfits. Which is a welcome change for
me, since I see you in the same several outfits day in a day out. And it's
no wonder you're already moving up in wardrobe — it is as if you have
a little internal alarm clock when it comes to feeding. You are right
on key every two hours, sounding your little (adorable) cry to let us
know it's time. It has been tiring at times, but watching your sweet
little face and having this special time with you is unbeatable. I know
it will be tough when the time comes for me to go back to work at the end of next month.

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the end of this first month, you started staring right at us while we
chat with you when you are in our arms. It hasn't been just one-way
conversation entirely; you happily grunt and make funny noises right
back at us. We've seen a few gassy smiles and we think we hear you giggle from time to time in your sleep, but we are anxiously awaiting some "real" ones. :)

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We've taken you on quite a few outings now that the Spring
weather has arrived. You do great in Mama's little peanut sack, snoozing away while we walk around stores (to keep our cabin fever at bay during the weekdays). Everywhere we go people just love to stop us and
ask how old you are and tell us how beautiful you are. One thing just
about every person has told us, is how much of a blessing you are and to
enjoy every minute of it. We know how entirely true they are. We are so
very blessed. We can't wait to see what's in store for us in the next



Renee says:

Amber, that is a beautiful letter! One thing I did for Jack (more unsolicited ideas, sorry) was I kept a regular calendar by my recliner where I would nurse him. Each night I would just put a few words down about that day. Sometimes more, sometimes nothing more than how many times I changed his diaper. I love to go back and read the comments and because it’s limited space, I can do it quickly. Easy way to record first smile, first time with a certain guest or just how watching a commercial while holding him can make you cry. I love that calendar. Gonna go read it now! Your family is absolutely gorgeous-and I love to see the peacefulness in your writing!

Becky Trump says:

Beautifully said, girl.
LOVE the last photo so much!

Amy Hand says:

Wow! Amber, your family is beautiful! And you are so good at documenting everything! Love the pictures! Absolutely precious!

COLBY says:

He is so adorable! Seems so alert and curious for such a little fella! Soak up every minute!

Lauren Murray says:

He gets cuter by the day!
I laughed when I saw the picture of you with him in the sack – I am pretty sure it’s same one I picked for our registry! Great Libra minds think alike, right? :)
Can’t wait for our trip! We are so excited to see you and Brandon and Colin, and the new house. We should get on a schedule for visits while we still live in FL.
See you VERY SOON.

Lauren H. says:

Baby Colin, you are just too cute for words! I can’t believe you’ve reached your one month birthday already. Tons of love to all of you! XOXOX

Karen M. says:

such sweet photos and sentiments. love the idea of a monthly letter.

Jenny says:

So very cute and he looks so much bigger already. Hope you are enjoying your time with him.

Amber V says:

Love the new pics Amber!! Glad you are all doing well :)

Donna says:

Colin gets cuter by the day. I can’t believe that he’s a month old already.
Take Care

tammygraves says:

Oh, he’s so adorable! I can just smell that jst-bathed, baby powder smell! Can’t wait to see him!

nana says:

Colin has grown so much and is getting so big!!!I miss him so much!! He is so alert and those eyes I can’t wait to see what color they will be. Daddy is so loving with him. He’s the best daddy.. and you are the most amazing mommie. Colin is so blessed and loved so much!!! Give him hugs and kisses !

Eleanor Quinn says:

Hi Amber,O.K. You must take that photo of Colin looking up at his Daddy’s face and the one of you with Colin in the Peanut holder and get them blown up, matted and hang them together side by side in a most Prominent area of the house!They are just too adorable to not be displayed and admired by all who abide and visit there! Good Job Mommy and Daddy! Have a Very Happy First Easter together with that precious bundle of joy! With much love!
Auntie Eleanor

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