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If you happened to be one of the 140+ who watched the AMBER HOUSLEY Inspired Tampa video recap on Wednesday, then you already caught wind of my next big announcement…


Amber Housley Inspired Nashville Tennessee Creative Business Workshop

I’m really, really excited to welcome another 20 wonderful creative women to my now adopted “hometown” of Nashville, Tennessee! My first workshop held here in March and even brought gals as far away as New York and Arizona. They all really loved our little big city with it’s warm and friendly demeanor. I hope you will join us as we come back full circle this year on what has been an exciting journey for me. I have really loved my last two workshops and all the friendships that have been made. I love giving everything I know to other women who are ready and willing to take the information and run with it for their business!

I had such an amazing response to my next city “where do you want to see AH Inspired” survey, that it was a hard decision to really narrow down where we went next. While AH Inspired is a huge love of mine, I have many other things in my business to make happen in the next 6 months – including dozens of amazing wedding and design clients, some upcoming travel – including speaking at Stationery Academy (so excited!), and not to mention, some well overdue fun family vacations coming up! August was just about the last free month for the rest of the year.

I certainly hope you will consider joining us in August in Nashville so you can act now on making some great changes for your business. Register now to reserve your seat!

Amber Housley Inspired Nashville Creative Business Workshop Scholarship Entry

I’d also like to announce an extra special scholarship announcement for our “second” Nashville workshop. In honor of that, I’m giving away TWO scholarships this round. Here are the full details:


1. Scholarship Video Entry – One winner will be chosen from video entries to receive a full complimentary registration to AH Inspired Nashville

– Create a 2-3 minute video explaining why you want and need to be at AH Inspired Nashville as well as answer the following questions: What is your business today or what business do you dream of? What areas are you looking for improvement on? What are your big dreams for your creative business?
– Upload and post to YouTube, Vimeo or other video sharing site and include “Amber Housley Inspired Nashville” somewhere in the title
– Copy & Paste URL to your video in the comments area below
– This doesn’t have to be any sort of fancy video production, you can use your camera phone! Entries will be judged on content, not on video production quality. :)

2. Written Entry – One winner will be chose from entries to receive $200 off registration to AH Inspired Nashville

–  In the comments area below, explain why you want and need to be at AH Inspired Nashville as well as answer the following questions: What is your business today or what business do you want to start? What areas of your business are you looking for improvement on? What are your big dreams for your creative business?

– share the news about Amber Housley Inspired! Tweet, Facebook or Pin on Pinterest (the main image in this blog post) a message about AH Inspired no more than three times per day during the contest.

Maybe something like…

I’m ready to inspire myself and my business at #AHInspired http://bit.ly/AHNashville
I’m ready to win a scholarship seat to #AHInspired http://bit.ly/AHNashville

…or come up with something entirely more creative for your news spreading message! The rule is it needs to have the #AHInspired hashtag and a link back to this post using this link: http://bit.ly/AHNashville


Entries are due 5pm CST on July 8, 2012 with the winner announced via the Amber Housley blog on or before July 10, 2012. You may register before the scholarship winner announcement to ensure you have a reserved seat since we do expect to sell out! If the scholarship winners are already registered, full or partial registration fees will be refunded. No purchase is necessary to win. Scholarships are non-transferable. Winners are responsible for any travel or other fees outside of workshop registration. Entries are judged by myself, Amber Housley.



Video has proved to be a very powerful vehicle since I launched Amber Housley Inspired. I believe it is because video offers the opportunity to truly connect with your audience in a more dynamic way than just written word. If you’ve watched any of my AH Inspired videos, as 900+ have (!!!), you’ll find that I really do care about helping other women and their creative business than I could have just sitting here writing you and telling you that I do. Looking for others to tell you how inspired they were? Check out just a sampling of the feedback received to date here. 


So….are you ready to be inspired?! READY, SET, GO!!