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Nashville Flea Market Vintage Finds

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Hello gorgeous purple apothecary bottles!

It was four years in the making, but I finally made it to the Nashville Flea Market at the Tennessee State Fairgrounds last month! Held on the last weekend of just about every month, you can find a menagiere of junk – both old a new. We (alongside my buds Sara and Amber) set out in the wee morning hours (7am!) on Saturday to see what goodies we could find. And yes, the Starbucks drive-thru was a necessary requirement on our voyage. ;)

I’m used to “swap meets” -the West Coast version of flea markets – and this one too had the usual booths of stuff you really didn’t need but end up walking home with. ;) I scored a pair of $5 (!) grey flats for Fall. I passed on the As Seen On TV items..

The real good vintage old stuff is in the back corner, under the covered outdoor areas. I was able to bargain on some glass bottles for a bathroom shelf pharmacy bottle collection I was starting, but a lot of the stuff, the vendors wouldn’t budge at all on. Some of the things I had my eye on: Victorian tin ceiling tiles that were wrapped around wood to be used as a wall art, old stained glass windows I’d love to use for wall art (but sadly too much for my budget with them starting at well into the $100s), old movie sign marquee letters…..but no budging on the price. :( So, I decided it was fate and just moved on.
Sara scored an awesome retro quilt in oranges, browns and green colors – perfect for her upcoming Fall mini sessions….for get this, FIVE DOLLARS! And that was the asking price. What an awesome find! Yes she will let me borrow or ELSE!

By the time we left around 10:30am, the crowds were picking up and the sun was high overhead — the perfect time to wrap up a fun morning with the girls. I can’t wait to return this weekend!


Michelle says:

How awesome! I want to attend a “flea market” or actual rustic-type setting market rather than our black-top, pitched tented swap meets here in CA! Glad you hear you scored some flats :)

Kate Crafton says:

Glad you had a fun time! Score on the flats!

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