Amber Housley

He’s on the move!

Little dude is on the move! He has become a human dust mop and we appreciate his efforts for helping out with the house cleaning. ;)


He is exploring everything and loves standing up to get a better view of this whole new world that is 2' higher up.


and graham cracker and milk mustache's are my favorite look for him!



Alyson says:

Oh wow! He’s getting so big!! What a love! :)

What a cute lil man you have! Hmmm I want help with cleaning, maybe we’ll have to have one soon:-)

super duper sweet girl!!!
we still have got to get the kids together!!!

Jenny says:

Your little boy is so big already! And so very cute! I’m sure you are super excited to be planning his first birthday.

tammy graves says:

Amber, that little guy is absolutely adorable! I could just eat him up! As I’m sure you do all the time! Latest advice? Be in every moment…be intentional. The moments are so fleeting…Blessings!

Lauren M says:

I miss him! I hope we see you in May.

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