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MTH: One Year Later

One year ago today, I walked out of a meeting room in Atlanta a changed person.

I am amazed at the confidence I gained that day. The determination. The heart. The willing to make things happen.

In this past year, I’ve traveled far and wide. I’ve met so many new friends in places, in workshops, in events that I never would have gone to otherwise.

I put things out there for all to see. I shared my authentic dreams and goals for my business, with many more things being added every day.

And yesterday it all came full circle. I spent the day in Jacksonville, Florida doing something I had longed to do – sharing all my marketing knowledge and ideas to a room full of wedding professionals, all of them there to better their business. If you know me, I love encouraging other business owners! I want to be everyone’s personal cheerleader and personal coach (and if you know me well, you’ll know I’m also very honest and won’t hesitate to tell anyone how they can do things better).

I still can’t believe that some even traveled from as far as New York City! It was a long weekend full of knowledge and conversation. So much so, that I had quite the sore throat after three days of chit chat with new friends. :)

As I read updates and chatter from all of the excited attendees for the upcoming AH Inspired workshop, my excitement is growing more and more. All the uncertainty and fear of launching and hosting my own workshop is gone. I woke up this morning feeling happy and fulfilled, knowing this journey I’m on is exactly where I’m supposed to be.

An important note to self I wrote one year ago, that I remind myself daily:



Nicole Rene says:

You did great! So fun meeting you!

Alicia Rohan says:

Congrats you deserve it!!

Lara says:

I am so proud of you and grateful for you! You are a remarkable woman, AH.

Amber Veatch says:

All of us thought you did great. Thanks for your helpful advice.

Cyn says:

What wonderful accomplishments you had in 2011…and here is to a FANTASTIC 2012! So grateful for you already :)

Tania says:

Amazing what can happen in a year when you work hard to chase your dreams. And it’s just the beginning…

Thanks Everyone for your kind words! :)

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