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Dr. Seuss First Birthday Invitation

When we started dreaming up possible theme’s for Colin’s first birthday party, I knew I wanted something fun, colorful, and not your average theme. I think that is common in just about everything I do. ;)

My wonderful hubby (who really is a hidden creative person himself) came up with the Dr. Seuss theme and I really ran with it. For the invitation, I thought a pocketfold style invitation was a wee bit formal for a 1st birthday, but I knew I wanted to incorporate a picture of the little guy and didn’t want just another card in an envelope…so here is what I came up with:

First, the photo shoot…
I found an online retailer that sold toddler Cat-in-the-hat hats…and with some help with B (who helped with the silly faces) we plopped him down in front of the kitchen wall. B only let me subject our child to modeling/child labor for a max of 3 minutes, so I had to be quick! Instead of just one photo, I ended up loving the idea of a series of shots made into a collage…




Next, bold red boxes from Paper Source and some fun crinkly blue paper stuffing – a la Thing 1 and Thing 2…



Then, with the Dr. Seuss invitation I designed (with a cute Dr. Seuss birthday poem I found online), I stacked the photo on top and tied the two together with some cute polka dot ribbon, and finished each invitation with a tag personalized for the recipient. In this case, one of Colin’s buddies is named Sam. Perfect for Sam I Am! :)




Lastly, each box was covered in a fun mailing label sticker (also from Paper Source). For local friends I hand delivered, and for the family I sent each one in a bubble mailer.



Click here for the inspiration board and pictures from Colin’s 1st birthday!

I received many inquiries for this party/invitation. The invitation wording and hat links can be found on a later blog post featuring the party details. If you are interested in me recreating these invitations for your party, they are available for $10 each plus shipping. There is a 3 week lead time, so please plan accordingly for your mail date. You may email me with your order. Thanks!


K. Crafton says:

That is so fantastic! I wish I had your ability to create and design with invitations….love them!

Oh you are too darn cute girl :)

Colby says:

Super cute! Can’t wait to see the party pics. Nice to see an update on your blog!

Brooke says:

What a fantastic idea. Such a special invitation for a special birthday!

Carli says:

This is amazing! What a great idea. You are just so awesome!

Theresa says:

Amber…..This is sooo adorable!! He looks so handsome! He must have your good looks or perhaps his dad’s too. :)) Fantastic job creating everything! I bet all the moms will be jealous of your amazing talent!

Brooke Dodd says:

Would it be possible for you to email me the wording for your invitations. I love this idea and I am planning a 1st birthday party for my girls in two weeks. I’m slow at getting it all done and would love your idea! Thanks and Cheers, Brooke

Corrie says:

Hi – I love your creativity. I found your blog when I was searching for a Dr Seuss birthday invitation for my son’s 3rd birthday party. Can I ask where you had your invite designed and printed? Or did you do it on your own?
Thank you!

Katy says:

Can you email me the wording from your invitations as well? Thank you so much!

amber says:

Hi All – Thanks for stopping by my blog. I’m an invitation designer and printer. If you are looking for similar invitations, I can provide a quote for you. Just email me the quantity you need and when the party is and I can provide pricing.

Kelly Mong says:

I am looking to have a Dr. Seuss theme for my twins first birthday. I was hoping to get a photo invite to match can you let me know what ideas you have and how much they are I am looking for just a photo card.. Their birthday is June 9 the party is June 12 says:

Amber ,
Could you please email the writing on the invitation. My son is turning one in July and I have looked online everywhere for something to put on the invite.

Amanda says:

I love it!!! Can you also send me the wording on the invitations so I can get an idea? You are so creative it!!

Patty says:

Very cute invites! Did you purchase the paper for them or created yourself?

Megan says:

Hey can you email me the wording on Colin’s 1st birthday invites??

Pamela says:

I too love the style you added to this first birthday invite. We also selected Dr. Seuss for our daughter’s first birthday, have had the little plates and napkins for quite some time. Can you please pass where you found the hat, I am only seeing it sold as a costume with the body piece. I am also curious of your invite wording & where you got the fish to put on the top. Would be most appreciative if you could share these other details.

Melissa says:

hey amber i was wondering if you could tell me where you got the dr seuss cat in the hat. i am trying to find one that fits my little boy who is turning 1. thank you so much for you help!

Polly says:

I too would love it if you could tell me the wording on the invitations and also where you got the hat. My son has a collection started of the Dr. Seuss books and this would be perfect! Thanks

Hat: ttp://

Hi, check out this post for the wording and a link to the hat. :)
Amber Housley says:

You did a fabulous job! Love the invitations! What size boxes did you use for the invites? Were they ordered from paper source?
Would love some feedback- planning my “irish twin” boys 2 and 3 birthdays!
Thanks so much!

Jennifer says:

How did you make these invitations? Did you use a special program? Everything is super cute. I am looking to do a similar theme party, but can’t seem to get the invitaion right…can you help point me in the right direction? I don’t need them for a birthday party or I would get them from you and I have to get these out ASAP! Thanks

amanda says:

this is so perfect! Could you email me the wording for the invite please?!

shannon says:

I can’t get the photos on this page to load on either aol or internet explorer. Could you possibly send me the photos?
Thank you!!

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