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Favorite Thanksgiving Recipes

It’s almost Thanksgiving, which means that it is time to start thinking of what you will be serving for Thanksgiving dinner! I absolutely adore hosting Thanksgiving at my house, and over the years have collected recipes that I believe are must-haves for our meal. So, here is my great list of my favorite Thanksgiving recipes!

Amber Housley's Favorite Thanksgiving Recipes | Amber Housley Living Nashville Wedding Planner

Side Dishes

The Pioneer Woman’s Stuffing
You can find the whole recipe on the Pioneer Woman’s blog here. I ended up using a large bag of crusty french bread cubes that were already baked and cubed in the bakery at Publix in lieu of the cornbread/white bread Pioneer Woman uses. I agree with her that organic chicken broth is far superior to regular canned broth. In any case, this recipe is hands down, AMAZING. I could have gobbled up the whole bowl and skipped everything else!

Grandma’s Green Bean Casserole
This one is far superior to the typical canned mushroom soup and french onion topping recipe. It isn’t much work either and tastes rich and delicious.

Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes
Mmmm…garlic and mashed potatoes, what could be better? My personal review posted on the site a few years back: Wow! These were REALLY GOOD. A new holiday dinner staple. Like others, I used whipping cream instead of the milk (and maybe a bit more than it called for to make them extra creamy). Yummmmm! The real roasted garlic I think definitely added that extra yummy touch. Will make this again for special occasions!

Main Dish

Easy Herb Roasted Turkey
I love this recipe. If you’re looking for a delicious turkey recipe, here is my review I left in previous years: Yep, all the reviewers are correct – this is THE BEST turkey recipe ever! So glad I chose this recipe for our thanksgiving this year. Was a bit worried about all the herbs that covered the turkey, but didn’t matter in the end! The meat literally fell off the bone before it was done! And the white meat which we don’t usually like because it is dry – so moist – just like the dark meat. And the gravy – no seasoning at all required!!! Just add some cornstarch and it was done! I did brine my turkey overnight which may have added to the yumminess (was my first time doing that). I also added a sliced apple to the inside cavity to add more moisture. I injected some of olive oil/herb mixture under the skin. I also used a reynolds turkey bag. This will be our turkey recipe from now on!


Apple Pie by Grandma Ople
My favorite apple pie recipe! My own review notes from a few years back (I’ve been making this one for years now): This was seriously the most beautiful pie I ever baked! I added a bit more vanilla and some cinnamon (just because I like to!), but other than that, this recipe is perfect!

Fall Pie Crust Cutters | Amber Housley Living | Nashville Wedding Planner

I hope you enjoy some of these recipes and be sure to let me know which are your favorites! What are your Thanksgiving must-have’s at your feast?


Here is what is on my Thanksgiving Menu this year:
I’m twisting the traditional this year!

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