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12 days!! & A Recap

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12 days! Yay. I’m trying to be more excited but I’m having a hard time just pushing through the last few days because of a self-diagnosed SINUS INFECTION. Eck. I feel like junk. My face/sinus just HURTS like h-e-double-hockey sticks.

Hitting up the DR. for some antibiotics if I’m not feeling better tomorrow. Have to get good and healthy! :D

Finishing up things and feeling good and "in control" if you could say that. Little by little things have gotten done and I’m so happy with the finished product!

It has FINALLY decided to rain in Nashville and things are turning green again, yay! Hard to believe summer is pretty much over. We enjoyed it thoroughly mostly on the lake this year – went by so fast!

Here’s a couple photos from Labor Day Weekend…we went camping with a big ole group at Center Hill Lake. Pitched a tent on a deserted beach…pesky ants and mosquito bites aside (oh! and I came upon a water snake eating his lunch while on a hike to a waterfall) – it was very fun!


Our campsite. The morning after a whole lot of sangria, et al.

Pretty view to wake up to, no?


Brandon & Matt taking advantage of the flat morning water. And yes, they blasted "Party Like A Rockstar" at 9am while they did this.

Matt  & Joyce – we love them and their boat! ;) We’re even going to Puerto Rico with them for Thanksgiving, very excited!!

Really not all Center Hill Lake water is like this – much more blue. This was at the inlet where we trudged through mud and PAST SNAKES to get to the waterfall.

And this past weekend….we took in the Vanderbilt vs. Alabama game! I tried to tell myself I wasn’t sick, but ugh, I wasn’t missing my first SEC game!

This was so cool…the band and a HUGE crowd was there to cheer the Vandy players down the tunnel.

The game was sold out. But we didn’t make it into the game until the third quarter (the vendor tailgate we got the tickets from was too much fun to leave!), so when we finally sat down a huge storm rolled in and a ton of people left (as in the photo above).

We lasted about 10 minutes in the rain, then left! After all, we’re Tennessee Vols fans now! :)

Off to get some rest! Ciao!


Bekka says:

We finally got some rain here as well. It seemed like the grass got greener almost immediately — so good to see! From one “sinus-sufferer” to another, I hope you feel better soon. That face pain is the worst!

Lauren H. says:

So you’re an SEC fan now? Traitor! :) Matt and I are going on Saturday to watch good ol’ Souther Cal kick the pants off of the Nebraska Huskers. I know, I should be a Husker fan…I am, just not when they play USC.
So excited for the wedding and so happy to hear it’s been raining. We’re already in the 60s-70s…winter is on its way.

Ali Mclaughlin says:

Cute photos.. glad you got some rain, we have rain here too!
Can’t wait for the wedding!!!!!!!!!! Wooohooo!

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