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18 week update

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So here we are at week 18! :) 6 days until we know if it’s a boy or girl. I still have no instinct whatsoever as to what it is, so it will be quite a surprise. I haven’t felt any movements yet and most of my books say it could be any time between now and week 20, so I’m looking forward to that!

I think my tummy officially "popped" this week. I think I look more pregnant now with the rounder tummy. I’ve also been wearing more regular t-shirts (just in a larger size) than maternity tops this week…makes me feel so much better for whatever reason. Maybe because it shows off the bump more so I’m broadcasting to the world "bump not plump." ;)

Brandon and I have begun our research for the registry…we’re planning on registering next Saturday on my birthday (yay) and then going somewhere yummy for lunch or dinner of my choosing. Let the research begin! (The research I’ve done is for restaurants…I am pregnant and have priorities ya know).

Speaking of food, here are my current cravings or items that I am eating quite frequently these days…

Oatmeal for breakfast with pumpkin pie spice sprinkled on it.
Pumpkin Pie Spiced Lattes – and I’ve switched the decaf. :)
Kraft Zesty Italian dressing on any sort of salad or veggie.
Green apples paired with cheddar cheese slices.
"Happy cow" milk. That’s what I call it anyway. ;)

As for this weekend, it is filled with some errands and various house construction things to do…I’ll share another photo of the house on Monday. We are completely framed and have most windows. Yay.



Carrie says:

Ah, you look great! Seriously radiant. :)

Lauren H. says:

I love the bump photos. I can’t wait for next week!!!

lauren says:

you look awesome, amber!!
you’ve got a big week coming up…birthday…boy or girl reveal!!! i still totally think it’s a girl, but we shall see! :)
enjoy your weekend!

Jenny says:

You look super cute! I can’t believe in a week you’ll know.
I love the “happy cow” milk…. However my hubby doesn’t and there is no way I can drink that much milk so I usually pass it up. Lucky gal. You should try the strawberry and chocolate small milks…they are super good as well.

Stephanie says:

Your bump is so cute!! Sounds like you have a fun week coming up!

Juls says:

Love those baby bump pics. You’re so little and it looks fabulous. I’m about 6 weeks ahead of you and definitely look so much bigger. Then again I’ve got two and relatively speaking, everyone says I’m looking small (which is fine with me). Can’t wait to hear what you’re having. We’re still being surprised.
Pretty much any time now you’ll start to feel those flutters. It feels like a nervous stomach. That’s how it felt like when I was preggo with C. This time I didn’t feel that but more like bubbles in specific places. Now, they just kick all the time.
Enjoy every minute of this time. I love being pregnant and you look beautiful!!

Julie says:

Yeah Amber! You look fantstic and wait till you feel the flutters..amazing…truly amazing! Both my girls had hiccups ALL the time (in me) and they still do!(outside) Only a few more days till “we” find out what you’re having. I’m still thinking “girl” too. Have you decided on owls or birds for the nursery. I love the owls! Have you seen the owl jammies, robe and slippers at Target? OMG, I had to have them!

Amber Ulmer says:

Yippe! so excited for you guys! We will have our “anatomy ultrasound” on Oct. 31 and find out what we are having! Can’t wait to hear what you’ve got in the oven there! Loving the belly! Will I see you Oct 6th at Jenni’s? xo

Steph Mahoney says:

You look so amazing! Cannot wait to see pics of the house. Miss you!

Steph Mahoney says:

BTW, I think it is a girl! ;) So excited for you!

Andrea* says:

“Bump Not Plump” LOL~ brilliant. Where can I get a tee?

mom says:

YOU LOOK SO ADORABLE! I only wish I could be there I miss you so much!!! I can’t wait til we all know what your going to have as I am just dying to go shopping Love MOMg!!!

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