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20 weeks + Bahamas + Fall + New House

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So, normally I would never post a picture of me in a bikini on my blog, but hey, it’s my 20 week preggo picture and this tankini certainly shows off the bump! Here I am on the beach at Great Stirrup Caye, Norwegian Cruise Line’s private island.


We had a fabulous time on our weekend cruise in honor of our first anniversary! We can’t wait to do it again. It was our first time cruising and definitely not our last.  I didn’t have any seasickness or any issues on the boat (though I was more than jealous of the wine drinkers at dinner). ;)


I’m really feeling pregnant these days. I’m getting tired again at night real early, I’m definitely more hungry, and I get uncomfortable back pain at times…ahhh so much fun! I managed to find a few additions to Baby Housley’s nursery while shopping in Bahamas…so we have  a few fun authentic items to add to the decor (which I’ll share this week!)


I got around to decopauging some faux pumpkins a few weeks back (see the tutorial here)…I have a little table set up with a few Halloween decor items…my house would be literally Halloween/Fall from top to bottom normally, but since we’re in the rental, it is all limited to this little table. I can’t wait for next year. :)


I’ll share a few close ups later this week of the finished projects…

And progress on the new house…I love saying that move-in is only 8 weeks away! It is planned to be anyway. :) The brick is just about done and next they start drywalling. We love how the brick came out – it’s very "used" tudor style brick.


So many cool things going on… :)


Julie says:

Cute tankini! Great progress on the house, looks fantastic! So move in right before Christmas? That would be wonderful…
Love the pumpkins. We have a few things out for Halloween, but the rest is up in the attic. I still managed to buy a few extras this year even after I said “I have enough Halloween stuff”. LOL
We went on the Disney Cruise this year. It was fabu! We hope to hit the Turks and Caicos Beach Resort in the next year maybe, but not during Hurricane season.

Amber Ulmer says:

amber! awesome! you look so GREAT!! cute halloween decor!!! So fun! and Im glad you guys had a great time on your annie-trip! The house looks awesome!!! xo

Jenny says:

Very cute swimsuit! And the water looks amazing. Thanks for sharing the pumpkin link…I’ve been searching for some pumpkin decor…btw, I’m starting to be jealous of your rental. I think it’s looks better than my home.

Stephanie says:

Your house is coming along beautifully! And so is your baby bump! :) That anniversary cruise sounds like so much fun!

Lauren H. says:

You look fantastic! Can’t wait to see you in a month!

doris says:

yay bahamas!!! :D

Juls says:

Just catching up here. Congrats on the little boy!! VERY exciting. You look fabulous by the way. Love the swimsuit and good for you for getting away to celebrate your anniversary. Sorry to tell you, it’s going to get a little more difficult to go on vacation for the foreseeable future. I’m bummed we couldn’t swing something ourselves. But you look great and I’m glad you’re enjoying the experience. My back is hurting too and the heartburn is oh too much fun. Are you feeling movement yet? I started feeling the Boo-Boo’s at about the 20 week mark. I’m starting 28 weeks today. I’m so happy for you!!

mom says:

So cute!! I can finally see the little bump!! You look so happy and relaxed. I am so happy you got to go on cruise and really enjoy it!!! Can’t wait to see you next month!!
Love MOM

Jilly says:

You look so cute in your tankini and the house looks wonderful! I am so happy for you:)

michellewoods says:

I got several tankini’s for our beach trip. Love them!! Congrats on having a boy! Sherri and I just love our gaggle of boys when we get together. I am really back and forth on what I want this one to be. A girl would be fun but the boy thing is great too. Just praying for a healthy little thing right now. Ultrasound is November 10th!

michellewoods says: Not too much to do there without kiddos. You might want to wait til next year :o)

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