Busy week this week…finishing up some design projects for a bride this weekend…then I need to pack for my weeklong trip to the west coast. :)

Mary Alice and I are headed to Newport Beach for a wedding consultant conference, then I’m off on quick flight to Las Vegas to spend some time with family and have my "west coast" friends and family baby shower (yippee!). I’m really looking forward to visiting with everyone.

Taking this 24 weeks picture this morning made me really rethink doing this whole weekly snapshot thing….it’s actually getting scary to see myself like this in the mirror! LOL. I really don’t understand when people talk about the pregnancy glow thing, because I’m not feeling any of that…I just feel the extra junk in my trunk, honestly! But Mom and the others want to see the bump, so here it goes…

Speaking of junk in my trunk, you can see what is contributing to it…I made the most perfect apple pie last weekend while B’s parents were visiting. The apples even came from a local apple orchard down the road! (once again, reason #1345 I love living here…how cool is that there is an apple orchard down the street?!) I’ve made many a pie that always seemed to have some flaw, but this one was PERFECT. So proud.

Here is the recipe, but warning: don’t try to pour the sauce on the crust, it doesn’t work…just go ahead and mix it with the apples, and then layer the top crust over them. I used a Pillsbury pie dough from the cold section of the store.

And the house…can you believe it’s almost complete?! They are going to finish it a few weeks ahead of schedule which is fabulous since we received notice this week that the house we are renting isn’t a very stable place…(cough, cough) foreclosure (cough, cough). So hopefully we’re outta here in the next couple weeks! Yee-haw and good riddance to living among boxes and not knowing if the electric was going to be shut off each month!

Happy Friday!

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