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28 week photo.

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Well I'm overdue on the tummy photos for family…and wow this one is a doozie. ;) White truly is not a slimming color – LOL. Couple that with the rule that you should always take photos from above for a slimmer look, and this was taken with a self timer on a packing box…I think I look bigger in this pic that I truly am. Eh, que sera sera…

I have been awful about keeping up with my pregnancy journal…(and these weekly photos). But here are a few random highlights of the last couple of weeks…

1. B makes me (and him) a delicious ice cream sundae just about every evening.
2. B doesn't see the affects of these sundaes because he has lost like 12lbs and is totally ripped from P90X Workout that he has been doing since I've been pregnant. Thanks honey for transferring it all to me! ;)
3. I can no longer tie my shoelaces…B does it for me…or I just wear lots and lots of cute flats! :) (Which doesn't work in cold weather…) :(
4. Our rental, which is already full of moving boxes, has tons of baby boxes too (stroller, playpen, activity mat, etc) that I can't wait to open and put together in the new house…it will be like Christmas!
5. We're now waffling around on deciding the baby's name….sorry little guy! We thought we had it all figured out, but now not so sure…not sure how long this will go on for.
6. I'm bummed I don't have a picture of the two of us from the last month or two to use for a holiday card…
7. I'm starting to feel very much like large marge. My back and feet are letting me know this too.
8. I need a pedicure desperately…I can't reach my toes!
9. We sign closing docs TOMORROW!
10. We have a new home TOMORROW!


Colby says:

Congrats on everything for tomorrow! And I think you look pretty fabulous!

Amber Ulmer says:

You look great hunny!!! So cute!!!
And.. .the sundaes… mmm… I was hooked on cookies and cream ice cream for the first few months.. now, i don’t wanna touch it… haha
You could’ve called me to do a photo for your Christmas card silly!!! xo

Stephanie says:

Loved the update! You look great! Good luck at closing tomorrow! :)

Alyson says:

Awww! You look adorable! Congrats on the new house!

Becky Trump says:

You LoOk absolutely ADORABLE, AMBER!!!
seriously, glowing.
many hugs to you!!!
and an email soon!

Brooke says:

I found it took a little while for us to get used to our baby’s name. I thought we would see him and the name would just fit. We had his name picked out a month or so before he was born…I’m happy we stuck with it.
Pretty toes are a must when you go into labour. Sounds silly but on those days just after when I felt all disguisting, looking down at pretty toes felt luxurious.

Lauren H. says:

Can I recommend Chocolate Milk to go with the sundaes? YUM!
You look absolutely adorable, but isn’t it disheartening not being able to tie your shoes? Matt thought it was hilarious and still offers to help tie my shoes. :)
It was fun talking baby names with you today. Know that whatever you come up with, you’ll find some other nick-name to call him anyway.

Jenny says:

How did I miss a baby name, I’ll have to reread the last couple of posts.
Congrats on your house!!! Good luck tomorrow!

Steph Mahoney says:

Everyone is right, you looking absolutely fab! Just glowing…
Enjoy those ice cream sundaes bc you work hard for them with carrying around a growing child inside of you. ;)
Good luck with the house closing tomorrow! So very excited for you guys!
Lots of love!

mom says:

You are so adorable I can’t wait to see you in Jan. I am so excited for you and Brandon you will be in your beautiful new house tommorrow!! Its gone so fast now the work will begin. So glad brandon’s taking such good care of you and the baby….please be careful moving don’t over do it…I know how you two are. Lots of love! Mom

Julie says:

What worked for us on the name was me yelling it out loud in the house because I knew some day I’d be calling them and I needed it to flow and get their attention! LOL Yep, I remember one day being on the floor to pick up something and I honestly couldn’t get back up. I laughed so hard that it took me even longer. Finally I just crawled to the couch and leaned up on that! I still loved being pg though. Have fun at the new house. Can’t wait to see decorated pictures.

Julie says:

P.s. You have go to see this cute Dog House Video. I LOL’d

Sara P. says:

You look so cute! Even better then when I just saw you a couple of weeks ago. I liked the name you had picked out. You will know what is right when it hits you. Enjoy the sundaes now because it will be a lot harder to lose and enjoy later. I can’t wait to see the new house. I showed it to Max and we wonder what those tall green things are in the yard?

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