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30 Weeks.

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I feel good! Gifts for the family and holiday cards are off to the post office today…I'm going to hit the mall this afternoon for a few gifts…and I'm totally jonesing for some baking this weekend! On the list: Mexican Wedding Cookies (or as the gringos call them, Snowballs or Pecan Balls) and the Housley Christmas Sugar Cookies.

We are totally loving the new house! It's really coming together with thanks to my very motivated superhero husband. :) He doesn't waste any time doing anything! I'm hoping to get my office completed in the next week…on the hunt for a rug and some pictures for the wall. I'm right off the main foyer with french doors, so I'm trying to look for something a bit more sophisticated…so I don't run the risk as hubby puts it, "looking like a preschool classroom" with all my crafty stuff. ;)

And while we were unpacking the boxes, we came across fun Xmas hats for dogs! Who doesn't love antlers on a dog??? :) We can't wait for Marley & Me to come out Xmas day…the previews are great! EXACTLY like Rocco…we've been there all before with him…the countless items he destroyed…licking a hole right through the drywall…crazy Lab jumping into the pool the minute anyone would open the door…but we still love our yellow beast!

Happy Friday!

Rocco the Black Nosed Reindeer…


Ho Ho Ho! Conductor of the Santa Express….



Veronica says:

:) I love all those baby bump pics. Ha! I loooove Mexican wedding cookies. Oh, they are good. :)

Lauren H. says:

So cute! Keep the bump photos coming. You look fabulous! And Rocco, what a stud! I still remember when he was that crazy little puppy. So grown up looking now!

Julie says:

OH, can’t wait to see more pics of the house! I about died looking at a 5,000 aq. foot one in Idaho for only $575! I could buy that outright if I sold my CA house! LOL Anyway, it won’t happen..we don’t like snow :P Our black lab, Miley (yep, named after Miley Cyrus thanks to 5 yo dd) loves the water too. We have to keep a few towels by the back door during summer time as we keep a kiddy pool in the backyard for her. Take care.

Juls says:

You look fabulous! And congrats on finally being in the house. Those last 10 weeks are going to go fast. Trust me as I’m days away. But enjoy it all. It doesn’t sound like you’ve hit the uncomfortable stage. That’s at the very end. I’m so excited for you. And Rocco looks adorable with his reindeer antlers. He might be so happy, but he looks cute and that’s all that matters.

and so is Rudolph – I mean, Rocco!

Jody Gray says:

aw, just came across your blog! Cute dog photos and you are looking so cute with your baby bump!!

Sara says:

You look so cute! Would love to see some updated pics when you get a chance. Just checking in on you. Would love to see the house. How is it coming? How is the little ones room coming? Talk to you soon.

Love those gorgeous windows! Can’t wait to see more of your house. I hope you are feeling good today. Hope to see you soon…

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