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35 Weeks

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So here we are at 35 weeks and I'm baring the belly for all….HA! I think my 5'3" self just may tip over one of these days…

We have been busy preparing for our little one's arrival in the next couple of weeks. The nursery is about done (pictures to come in the next week or so), all the clothes have been washed and put away and the registries have been fufilled thanks to so many kind and loving friends and family!

We have also been busy interviewing pediatricians the last couple days. My third appointment with a practice is tomorrow and then it's decision time. It's been an interesting experience, I feel such a sense of responsibility like I have never experienced before. One topic that has weighed heavy at all the appointments is the topic of vaccinations. I will first put it out on the table that I am in no way against them or do not plan to not fully vaccinate my child 100%, because I do plan on it, I'm just wary of it all, and keep wanting to find more information and answers on the best way to go – for me and my family. This is not a topic that Brandon and I agree 100% on either, which makes it difficult to discuss with doctors and him who both mockingly refer to Jenny McCarthy or Dr. Sears…however, all the doctors have so far supported the idea of a modified schedule if I choose to, they just don't necessarily agree with it. My mind still isn't made up…I just want to make the best decision possible and not have any regrets if the future. We will see…

On another note, a friend passed along this prayer request this morning that I thought I'd share with my little army of readers. Please send one up for this little 8 year old boy here in Tennessee, and if you feel inclined to do so, leave a little donation for his family to spend time with him these last couple of months he has left: Team Jake.


Alyson says:

Awww you look adorable! Congratulations!
And I don’t know if you met with them, but I’ll give my plug for Dr. Godfrey and his colleagues at Green Hills Peds. AWESOME practice. Easy to get a hold of. Not quick to medicate whatsoever. And generally all around wonderfully caring people. We chose to go the traditional approach with vaccines, so I don’t know their policies toward a modified schedule. Just wanted to give my plug. :)
Sleep often these last few weeks! :)

Stacy B says:

Our pediatrician’s practice takes calls for “medical advice”. I LOVE this. I call it every time I am unsure. My favorite answer was when JT had HORRIBLE diarrhea (beware the public pool!) and they told me to feed him cookies. I said, “did you just prescribe cookies?” lol!
JT is 18 months and fully vaccinated. We haven’t had any issues beyond a fever and some crabbiness with some of them. It’s good to ask in advance if the vaccines are thimerosol-free and what side effects (if any) you should expect.
It’s a tough decision, as most baby decisions can be. Ask lots of other moms for advice. They are the BEST resource for a new mama!
You look great… so cute. Best wishes!

Brooke says:

How are you still fitting into cute shoes?
We went with all the vaccinations. For us it wasn’t a question. Brian has been great at all his appointments too. I just hold his little hand and cuddle him, look towards him but not into his eyes as I don’t want him to associate me with pain. Not til he’s 15 anyway…hehe.
I think that we need to change Doctors. We have one guy that looks after all of us, but I’m starting to feel like he’s rushing us out the door.

Lauren Murray says:

You look beautiful!!!!
Colin will be here so soon. The two of you have to be so excited to meet him. Anymore, all I think and dream about is meeting our baby. I know you must be feeling the same.
There are so many decisions to make – just try not to worry too much and do what feels right. You and Brandon are going to make great parents, and I am looking forward to seeing the three of you in April.
Miss you, friend.

Lauren H. says:

You look adorable! I can’t believe how close the date is now!
You know my feelings about vaccinations, but like I’ve said before, You’re the mommy, YOU know what’s best for your little one. Know that whatever decision you make is the RIGHT decision. The thought of it scared me half to death, but I’ve learned in just 9 short months that my gut feeling is usually correct.
I agree with Stacy B that taking calls for “medical advice” is such a plus!

suzanne says:

Amber, you look fantastic…i promise you it is all worth it. I have four boys, my youngest just turned 4 months.
A must have for any parent who will travel is a snap and go stroller. much less bulky than the “systems” and super easy to manuver, even down the aisle of an airplane.
love the house, enjoy

Lisa Spiegel says:

Amber you look fantastic. :-) Just glowing! On the topic of vaccinations, my oldest two are selectively vaccinated and my youngest has had none (a very long story and it wasn’t the plan) so I can share the pros and cons of the 13 plus years of research on both sides of the fence that I have done and shared with my Lamaze patients…feel free to email me if you want more info…

sherrivonl says:

Amber you look so cute!!! The time is getting closer, I am so excited for you!
Hmmm, vaccinations, a touchy subject for some.
I think modified is the way to go personally, you are free to change your mind as things go along.
The most important thing in my opinion is to hold off on the MMR until after 36 months. I don’t care what they say about there being no link to it with autism, I know several people with autistic children that beg to differ. And what is wrong with better safe than sorry?
It does make it harder when you feel all the responsibility. I am here to bounce ideas off of if you ever feel the need!

Becky Trump says:

You look so adorable, Amber!!!
I can only hope for the glow that you have when I am preggers!

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