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37 Days…

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And I’m feeling good. 37 days until I am a Mrs. Housley!


Feeling like I’m on cruise control, taking care of this, sending out that, it’s going pretty smooth. After the invitations went out I felt a big sigh of relief! I’ve had fun designing and creating all sorts of fun things for the wedding…today I printed out menu cards in the morning and will finish trimming those up this week…then on to the programs…little by little getting things done (and of course loving every minute of it!). Love having a little design and motif to carry throughout the whole event design…definitely up my alley, but you probably already knew that didn’t you? ;)

Next up, dress alterations (I have two sources who work quickly!) maybe some new makeup for the day of, a few rehearsal items and other minor details for the wedding…can’t believe it’s all coming together.

Over and over I had wanted to document my thoughts and activities over the course of this planning, but of course, time got away from me. I’m going to try and be active and maybe jot something down each and every day for the last 30 days. We’ll see how it goes..could make a fun little book! ;)

PS – coming home to mail whether it be an RSVP or a box IS SO MUCH FUN. Yes, I shamelessly just said that.


Carrie Christiansen says:

Hi Amber! I’ve been reading your blog for awhile now…..but never commented. I feel like I know you and it has been such an amazing/exciting journey watching all the events unfold getting closer and closer to your wedding day!
Wondering if you might post pics of the menu cards etc some day. Love seeing other people’s creative geniouses at work!
Keep up the great work! Thanks for being so honest and real. It is a refreshing blessing to be able to do “blog life” with you….even if I don’t have my own blog!! hee hee

megan says:

I have not visited your blog in a long time…glad you are well. Exciting time for you. I tagged you on my blog if you get the time :)

Julie says:

sounds like you’ve got everything under control. Good luck with that …j/k, you’ll be fine. Just don’t forget to have fun at the same time. My wedding almost 17 years ago (at age 20) was tons of fun!!! Hot as heck, but we enjoyed ourselves. :)

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