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38 weeks.

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Watch out. Big Mama coming through. ;)

38weeks (1 of 1)

Had my 38 week appointment yesterday…and all things are looking good! So good in fact, that little guy is going to make his appearance very, very soon according to the Dr. We were so excited about the news that last night we were running around getting last minute things done around the house…I was over-analyzing every little twitch or pain…and then…nothing. HA! Actually had a really good night's sleep. So there you have it, our first lesson in parenting: this little one is going to do things in his own good time. ;)

I'm actually pretty calm and relaxed…most of the to-do list is complete…so now we just wait..and wait and wait and wait. Not too long though..we've scheduled a birthday party for him next week after my Mom arrives just in case he needs a little coaxing. :)

We'll see if he shows up early for the party.


Andrea* says:

Alicia~ BEST of luck with an easy and very healthy delivery! LOTS of great and fresh baby snuggles to you and yours! Take care, and get rest when you can!

Brooke says:

I’m so excited for you. I keep checking back everyday to see if there is any news and slowly watching your baby counter go down. Single digits now.
Glad that you are calm and relaxed. It’s really amazing what we can deal with when we need to and it’s all completely worth it. Our little man is 7.5 months and there has not been one single day that we haven’t smiled at him and said we are so glad he is with us!

Debbie says:

My birthday is the 23rd but I actually guessed you for a March delivery. No matter….I wish you a wonderful delivery of your beautiful son. As you said he will come when he is ready. Prayers for you and your family as you get ready for this blessed, wonderful day.

aimee says:

Wow, I didn’t realize the little countdown was under 2 weeks! Best wishes for a great delivery :D

Julie says:

Yeah! I’m getting so excited for you and your family. Make sure car seat is in the car too. My hubby insisted we had enough time, we didn’t and here I was putting it in within 5 minutes of being wheeled out of the hospital after having her! Enjoy your last fleeting moments of just you two, because when he’s here, he’s taking over and you are going to have so much fun like he’s always been a part of your life and you’d never know how you lived without him. Awww…now I’m getting all teary. I loved being pregnant, but being a parent is just overly joyful and the best life experience EVER!

Sara says:

I’m checking in on you everyday. I can’t believe how close it is and we are so excited to see and meet him. I wish he would get here already. I think my guess was way off too. So, he can take his time if he wants! Hope to meet him soon. Love Sara

Jenny says:

Hmm, so my March guess is also a no go. Well I’m so very excited for you as well. I’m wishing you a easy and breezy delivery!

Bonnie says:

Congrats! Sounds like it will be soon :) My daughter was born on Feb.26th – it was a wonderful day (11 years ago)!

Lauren H. says:

Yahoo! Baby H is on his way! My guess on the baby pool is so off that I’m now pulling for the 18th!

virginia m says:

Congrats! Best of Luck! You will have so much joy in your life.

Becky Trump says:

Super exciting!
Best wishes!!!

Gabby Zarate says:

Congrats! Best of Luck to you, Baby H, and Daddy. Oh and Rocco too!

doris says:

awwwwwwwww . . . that’s the sweetest picture!

brett kelly housley says:

my name is brett kelly housley my dads name was roy carl housley i remember going to tennessee when8 or 9 for a funeral rose housley i knew my dads sister oneda housley please let me know if you know any of my family

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