I’ve been tagged by Megan to blog seven random things about me…(I bet you didn’t know!) :)

1. I think diet coke goes great with doritos or pretzels. They go hand-in-hand in my book.

2. I am fascinated, border-line obsessed, with weather…I love the weather channel, always have wanted to see a tornado or experience a hurricane for myself. I missed my calling as a meterologist I suppose.

3. I hate when people drive in the car pool (I think it’s called something like HVAC lane in the South- or something like that! LOL!)  lane when they don’t have 2+ people. RUDE people.

4. On the same note, I find it unnerving to cross the street when the red hand is flashing or not at the designated pedestrian area. Must be my Las Vegan mind set (where taxis will RUN you over).

5. Fall is my favorite season and Halloween is my favorite holiday. The pumpkins, the apples, the leaves, the decor…it is the best!

6. I wish I had a giant 100-year old oak tree in my backyard (or front would be nice too). I would tie a swing on it. :)

7. I hated anything spicy when I was a kid…I even thought onions or black pepper seasoning was hot…now, I am the complete opposite – I love hot n’ spicy! The more flavor the better!

Alright, that was semi-tough to think up! I’m tagging the other two Amber’s now. Amber #1 and Amber #2, you’re up! ;) And I will throw another "A" name in there for good measure…Ali, you’re due for some blogging too!

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