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8 weeks

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8weeksweb_5   Wow that week flew by fast! I’m already half way through week 9…and guess what? I think I’m finally seeing the light at the end of the nausea rainbow. Instead of daily-ALL DAY-sickness, it’s just a bit here and there every day the past couple of days. 

Just a few new food cravings…though I’m so bad when I go the grocery store…everything that sounds good and I haven’t eaten in ages somehow ends up in my cart. My mom used Prego spaghetti sauce as the base sauce all through my childhood, and I had only some Ragu jar in the pantry a few weeks back. What a dissapointment! Now everytime I end up at the store I get some Prego – just in case – you never know when that pasta trigger will strike! ;)

And I have definitely been jonesing for sushi since Day 1 of this pregnancy. I love me some extra spicy tuna rolls. Sigh…only 7 more months. In the mean time Shrimp Tempura rolls (anything cooked) are fair game!

Here’s the 8 week picture (a little crooked but hey, the camera was leaning on the shelf). I think the bump has subsided just a tad this week when I checked myself out in the mirror this morning….maybe the week 8 picture was after a large meal. LOL.

I also realized that the background is going to change on these…we move to the rental this week!


Carrie says:

How totally cute are you?! :)
(Love that painting in the background… Totally seems to fit your taste.)

Lauren H. says:

I miss Sushi sooo much! It’s been almost a year since I’ve had it. 9 months through the pregnancy and bf’ing now that the peanut is here.
By the way, you look great! And you’re getting closer to the light at the end of the sickness tunnel!

Julie says:

Glad to hear the nausea is subsiding. I gave up Diet Pepsi cold turkey as well when I got pg and also iced blended mochas…which within an hour of giving birth, dh had gotten me one and it was truly wonderful!!!!!!!!!

Juls says:

You’re looking fabulous and glad to hear the morning sickness is on the way out. I’m with you on the spicy tuna sushi cravings but the cooked stuff will do in the meantime. Congrats on selling the house. How long will you be in the rental before the new place is ready to move in? Looking forward to hearing when you start to feel movement. You’ve got time but it’s a cool feeling. I’m not feeling anything yet and I’m at 15 weeks but I suspect any time now. Feel good! You look GREAT!

April says:

I think that you look incredible! Love that your ALL DAY sickness has reduced and that you are feeling better these days! The spot for your next house will provide incredible backrounds that I am not so sure that you will miss this one for very long! When you get a chance, stop by my blog- you’ve been nominated!

Amber Ulmer says:

So glad ur sickness is fading. I haven’t even gotten it yet so we will see if it makes it’s way in next week. Keeping fingers crossed that it doesn’t.
Ya, i think the main culprut of the bump coming and going is definitly bloating. I have been having some of that for sure. Stupid bloat. Can’t wait to see ur bump once it forms!! xo

veronica says:

oh shoot hand me the slim fats. My stomach is FAR greater than yours. :) YOU are adorable. AND yes, stay away from those MB. Ugh!

veronica says:

I meant slim fast…and I’m NOT preggo. hahah

Lauren M says:

Nice gazongas! HAHA. Bet Brandon LOVES that.

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