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A Good Way to Start the Week:

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Good news:

Today Tomorrow Wed Thu Fri 6-10 Day
Extended Forecast
Partly Cloudy T-showers Mostly Sunny Sunny AM Clouds
PM Sun
High: 57°Low: 42° High: 55°Low: 38° High: 58°Low: 38° High: 64°Low: 44° High: 65°Low: 53°
Got a ton of stuff done this weekend. I’m really excited to show off my new office/scrap room! Just need one more piece to finish it off and some rearrangement of the wall decor and it will be complete.
Nothing like getting a full 8 hours of sleep to start the week off right! And seeing the weather report for this week of course!


Ali says:

Ooh nice! It was cold here today, but I am looking forward to 50 degrees temps to melt all this ice!
Nice chatting today.

Amber U. says:

Girl, I know!! today… it says we are supposted to have t-storms… haven’t seen one yet… we might be in the clear!! haha xoxo

Ingunn says:

Ugh, I just saw our weather report and it is supposed to rain for TWO WHOLE WEEKS – and I though the rain-in-Seattle thing was just a myth!!
Looking forward to seeing your scrap space!

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