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Accomplished Weekend

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If anyone knows my husband, he doesn’t wait until the last minute for anything. So early Saturday morning, he returned from an errand with loads of packing boxes and supplies, and we got to work. In two days, we packed up just about our ENTIRE house. Seriously, it looks like the day we moved in.  The only thing left is for me to tackle this week: my scrapbook room (YIKES!) and my closet (YIKES, again).

It’s quite surreal really. I even had a minor breakdown on Saturday night…which can easily be attributed to pregnant hormones and stress of all this chaos. I really loved our house, we built it from scratch, we planned on staying in it for a long while. But plans change and now we are on to building our true dream house…one where we really mean it this time, we are planning on staying for a very very long time…like 30 years long time! :)

I can’t wait to plant a garden and all my favorite flowers…and for our future children to run around catching fireflies in the summer time…

All of these dreams makes it worth the 6 month building time.

And this is where it will all take place:



Aimee says:

congrats! it’s so exciting & worth the stress to build your dream home :D

Carrie says:

So many exciting things going on!! :)

Amber Ulmer says:

awesome girl… congrats on packin the house… im dreading that… eventually.
great land… xo

How wonderful! And it looks like there will be so much room to play- it makes me miss the home I grew up in!

tammygraves says:

Beautiful lot! Glad you are feeling better! It does get better and you will enjoy the rest! Congrats again!

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