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Another Check Mark on the Wedding To Do List.

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Well it’s the holidays, so there hasn’t been much time for wedding planning. I keep saying (and everyone else tells me) I have all the time in the world, it being 9 months away…but wow, it’s really sneaking up on me! Save the Dates to be made, website to be designed a few other dozen vendors to select…

But, I’m very happy to report we have our photographers! I am thrilled with who we went with. One thing I’ve loved doing in the whole wedding planning so far is looking at photographer album websites. :) When I met with Whitney and Peter, I could just tell they were a perfect match for us! And Whitney’s work is stunning…love the artistic quality, the colors, the naturalness of it all…be sure to check out their blog! I love seeing the new posts and can’t wait for ours to be up there too eventually. :)

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Alison Bynum says:

Oh Congratulations! i found your blog through Stephanie Edens and bookmarked it because it was so fun. I am also great friends with Whitney & Peter. You will not be disappointed with their work – I love them too. Congratulations!

Hollye Cross says:

Great photographers. I went to check out their blog and was suprised to see my wonderful friend Julie and her family on her Dec 7th entry! I might just have to see if I can’t get Brian to agree to something like this next year for our family portraits.

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