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Unbelievable weather on Saturday. Couldn’t get any better than a crisp Fall day at 71 degrees.

Had a great time teaching at the Fall workshop at ScrapIt. 43 students – my biggest class ever. It was great and I hope they had fun too. I’ll post the pages later this week.

On the way home from class, I couldn’t stop admiring all the pretty trees along the way…I just had to get outside in it. B and I packed up the dog and headed to Long Hunter State Park – about 15 mins. down the road from us for a little hike and some photos.

I had used some birthday money to get a new lens for my camera. A lot of scrappers use it as an everyday lens, but it’s more of a portrait lens. I can see why they like it so much – though it’s going to take some getting used to… got a few good shots out of the many I took (I was too far away on most). Practice makes perfect, right?

Here are some favorites (though they look better at full resolution vs. 72dpi)…




And a shining example of how Rocco refuses to sit and take a picture with his "Mom." I can never get any sort of picture with this dog…. ;)


And today I’m going to do something I haven’t in awhile…scrapbook just for me! ;)