Three days now…that I have been home sick…(and still working nonetheless)…with a sinus infection and bronchitis. Fun, no? I think they gave me some wimpy antibiotics because they just don’t seem to be working…ugh…and Brandon is now home and he has some of the symptoms but not quite so bad as me…we kept each other up last night coughing and getting water and cough drops for each other. See why it’s like we’re married already?! LOL.

Looking SO forward to next weekend – we are going to stay at a cabin about 1.5 hours from Nashville that is right on the Buffalo River. Everywhere is just about sold out and then this one popped up on Craigslist. It looks quite charming and downright rustic in the photos so I have a feeling we’ll be in for an adventure on this one!

Oh and in other news…I love special (wedding) deliveries (especially when I’m sick)! My two friends Nichole and Katie (from our high school days) sent us our second gift from our wedding registry (yay this registry business is exciting stuff!!)…

They are too sweet! Their message was wishing us lots of baking of cookies and babies together. ;)
First there was the fire engine red hand mixer…and a box of 100 cookie cutters (Brandon can’t wait for me to make sugar cookies with these!)


And I must also rave about our first gift from our registry was from Lauren & Mike we received a month or so ago…soooo excited for these monogramed knife serving set – we’re going to use them to cut the cake at the wedding…and the cute salt and pepper shakers from our dishes set.


Even in the cloud of kleenex and haze of cough drop fumes, I am a happy girl. :)


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