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I am sooo inspired when I see what has been done with the Dulce line! A friend sent me a link to a layout that was posted to Two Peas a few weeks ago. It was actually the first time I had seen a number of layouts, and it just gets me so excited!

ScrapHype, an online kit club, used Dulce for their March kit, and I am amazed by what their design team has done! Be sure to check out their site under "Ideas", but here are a couple I tracked down on 2peas for your viewing pleasure:

Ruth Akers:
Fun with you.

Shannon Bastian:
How Sweet it is.
Well Loved Toys.

Laura Solomon:

And I just checked yesterday that Self-Addressed with be using Dulce in their April kit. Another fabulous kit club!

Do you have a layout to share using Dulce? Please send me a link my way because I’d love to see it! All this talk got me excited so why not do some giveaways? :) :) :)

Post a comment to this post as I’ll be drawing names to give away the entire Dulce Island Blossoms paper collection to 5 lucky winners! I will allow comments to be posted until Tuesday at 11:59pm, so be sure to tell your friends! Winners will be announced Wednesday!

Have a super weekend!


lauren says:

i’m not LUCKY, but i am a big fan of both your designs & your pages!
congratulations on having your own line! :)

Susan says:

Your paper is WOW! I’m not surprised that everyone wants it in their kits. Congrats to you on the whole line, it’s beautiful!

Melissa says:

Congratulations on your line, it is absolutely beautiful! I seriously feel happy when I see anything from you, it’s just always so cheerful!

Cheryl says:

WOW! What a beautiful line of papers. And you have some fantastic layouts.

Vee says:

Your papers are awesome
I would love to win since my LSS doesn’t sell it
the colors are FAB

DianneSA says:

Oh man! We don’t get your gorgeous Dulce line YET in South Africa. I would LOVE to be the first one to have some of it!! I have bought some of the digi kits at Citrus and am seriously loving your style.
Cape Town, South Africa

Becky says:

Heck yea, I’ll post! I’d love some Dulce papers! The LOs you posted links to are WONDERFUL! I love the bright colors and flowers!

Randell says:

Great papers!!Love the sample layouts with them, and to be in 2 kit of the months,very cool!!Congrats!

Greer says:

Ok, well, I guess now’s a good time to comment ;) I’ve been reading your blog for a little while now…once I discovered that you were from Las Vegas (I was raised there). Hope you are enjoying TN, it’s a great state! Congrats on all of your success.

Candy says:

Sa-weeeet!! So happy for you Amber!!!

TraceAnn says:

Yippie, pick me…pick me. Thanks Amber.

Nancy says:

Oh Amber it’s so wonderful to see your successes and happiness in them as well :)

Amy Alvis says:

Amber~I’ve loved your designs since I found Citrus Blossoms! I was secretly wishing that your designs would come out in paper. Imagine my suprise when I found out that the Dulce line was yours!! LOVE it!!

Trisha says:

Those are some great LO’s with your papers. I haven’t checked my LSS yet to see if they carry your papers yet, but I will soon.

Stephanie says:

Me Me! I wanna win!!

doris says:

i’ve got mine in progress . . . :D

Aimee says:

Wow-they did great things with your great new paper! That’s so cool you’re being picked for the kits-how exciting :) Has anyone been published yet using your Dulce papers? That seems like it would be the best feeling ever!

sherrivonl says:

I am hoping to have a layout with your papers done soon! Love your class sample!! :o)

Hollye says:

I love this paper! I so wish I was able to take your class on the 8th! I made plans that I can’t get out of! I am so bummed!!!

Ali says:

Hi Amber!
You know I love your paper. I need to send you a layout I did with it soon.

Kathy Reid says:

Your papers are so cute!

~ nikki ~ says:

Love your new line Amber! Keep up the good work!

kellidarr says:

Wow! I checked out the layouts and they are great:) Love the colors of the papers…….SO much! Hope to use mine soon!

Bonnie says:

Hi Amber (from another TN gal – East TN though)! I’m a huge fan of your Dulce line :)

maureenw says:

I have bought many of your digi kits. I hope our lss carries your stuff. So bright and cheery. Best wishes on the wedding plans. What an exciting time in your life.

lauren says:

wow girl! this is so awesome! and i loved seeing what everyone has been doing with your papers! :)

Stephanie says:

amber your line is so darling. i love the bright colors. how exciting for you. congrats and good luck on the success of them.

Sam says:

Glad to hear that your paper line is successful. Great job. And I love how it looks on a layout!

Johanna says:

So excited that this paper will be in the Self-Addressed kit! I love new things – and this is delicious!

Robyn says:

Your line is so freakin’ cute! I remember the first time I saw – instant love! (: Congrats again!

Laura Solomon says:

I am SO glad you found scraphype. We LOVED working with your papers! By the way… One of my layous with your papers got picked up with a Canadian publication. I just sent her an email to mention you in the magazine!
Awesome job!

Nancy Comelab (aka belgianangel) says:

I’ve only been digiscrapping for a while now, and your gorgeous line of papers is making me seriously consider give the traditional paperscrapping a go too! Beautifu, beautiful work!
Oh and… I would loooooove to win something. LOL. so… pick me!!! :) Thanks for this opportunity.

Wendy Sue says:

WHY haven’t I seen this line already??? I am so glad I stumbled onto your blog – now I must start searching…. :o)

feelin’ lucky cuz…
I found your blog a couple days ago and have enjoyed seeing your designs! so great!

Shawn E. says:

I’ve been reading your blog for awhile. Very fun, and gorgeous work. LOVE the picture of you guys dancing with the dog looking on!

Shelley says:

Just looooove your gorgeous line! I wish my Canadian scrapbook stores would carry Dulce…still hunting down for a local retail supplier who might carry them. Keep up the gorgeous work, gal.

NikkiH says:

You already know that I am a Regular Amber Blog reader and how much I love your line :) They just got in everything from the line at, I can’t wait to get my order shipped out to me. I MUST play with this paper :) I can’t wait to see what you bring to CHA summer.

Mel says:

Love, love, love the line .. so bright and happy. Congrats to yoU!!

Debbie says:

Amber, your papers are GORGEOUS!!! They just bring a smile to my face when I look at the colors & flowers, etc. – they simply say, ‘HAPPY’!!! And that is how I love to scrap pix of my daughter, because that is soooo much her entire personality – always happy & always having fun! Thanks for sharing your creativity with all of us & congrats on your own “line”!!!

fabulous line of paper!!! Can’t wait to get my hands on it!!

Shirley says:

Love, love, these papers and just between us…RUth is one of my favorite scrappers, her stuff just ROCKS!! ;0)

Natalie says:

I love your line of papers.

N Sower says:

I love the paper so much that I purchased it right away and now I’m receiving it in a kit as well! I absolutely love the colors. Great design! Nicole

Cynthia Bell says:

I absolutely love the dulce line! What a great design! Cindy

Colleen (aka Chi-girl and Pea-ticular) says:

Hi – we never got to meet but I’ve been a Foxy Cropper since
April or May last year! Loved all your baby shower ideas and may be using one this weekend if I can get it together in time! Also would love to know where your friend got that cute green top with the flowered band that goes around the empire (non-maternity I’m assuming – if not forget it!). Keep up the inspiration!

your paper is coming to me via doris … should be here thurs. can’t wait to play!! =)

Kelsey says:

I hope my LSS gets this in soon! Such fun and happy product! Love it!

Oh pick me…I wanna win too, just like all the others…actually was going to sit down tonight and play with my Self-Addressed kit…LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the papers. :)

Tammy Kay says:

wow love your layouts. I am so excited because this is the first time that I have heard of your line. I work at my LSS so if I win I will have to show your “flavers” to all.

Janet says:

Can’t wait to see your papers in person in the self-addressed kit! Keep creating!

Chelle says:

I LOVE your collection. I saw it at Scrap It Saturday and I did a layout using one of your papers. I’ll have to scan it in and put it on my blog tonight or tomorrow.

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