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Baby Shower Recap

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I am awake at a late hour (thanks to my new snoogle pillow I got the best sleep of MY LIFE last night – hubby wins hubby of the year award yet again for going on a scavenger hunt for one while I was away – I am a brand new preggo woman now!)…so I’ll share these baby shower pictures that are much requested! :)

My mom, and my friends Breanne and Lauren really outdid themselves! It was so adorable in every way. I appreciate all their work so much! It’s crazy to think that just over a year and a half ago we were there at my parent’s house for my bridal shower…and this time we were celebrating this new little one!

First the adorable invite…

The little favors of jelly bean jars with the birdie labels…



And the cute cupcake cake tower…each of them had little blue booties on them!


Mom made this diaper cake herself – she is the true do-it-yourself-er – now you all know where I get my talent from! ;) That is 44 huggies newborn diapers there! And the little bear on top says the "Now I lay me down to sleep" prayer when you squeeze it.



Cute little paper birdies graced the tables everywhere…


Cheerful bouquets of yellow and white daisies…


The punch was a huge hit…so cute that it’s blue like water, no? Little rubber duckies floating in it…the punch recipe was sprite zero, white grape juice, and blue hawaiian punch + 1/8 c. of sugar.


This baby is already spoiled rotten! ;) I went through all the gifts later that evening after everyone had left…so many cute outfits, wonderful books and other baby stuff. So blessed by our friends and family for all their thoughtfulness!


Thank you to all the friends and family near and far who were and weren’t able to attend – we appreciate everything!!

Wow, it is SO REAL now. I cannot wait to put some of these outfits on him!! ;)


Amy says:

Such cute ideas! You look beautiful. Congrats on a fun party.

michelle.woods says:

Way cute! I just love baby showers. We have a lot of the Sandra Boynton books. Those have always been favorite. It looks like “Pajama Time” in the picture. Dalton loved that book. It always made him laugh.

Lauren H. says:

Wow! The party looked fabulous!

Katie says:

So bummed I was out of town and had to miss it. Looks like a fun time was had by all!

Julie says:

Looks like you had a blast Amber. The details were perfect. I especially love the blue punch w/duckie. I’ll keep that in mind for the future, but most of us old maids (my friends from Jr. HS and HS)already are done making babies! LOL I made a diaper cake for a gf’s baby shower last year. I’ll email you a pic. It wasn’t nearly as extravagant as your mom’s though. Kudos to her! It was fun making it though…it sat in the middle of the table with all the food on a cute cake stand.

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