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Back in Vegas (again).

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Yep, here again. This time for work! Arrived on Wednesday, staying till Friday at fun Treasure Island.

Soooo tired. Late night at the blackjack tables.

Shocking, since I’m not a gambler. Grew up around it… I work in gaming and hospitality marketing…the excitement just isn’t there for me. But last night was fun – up $100 fun!

Going to spend my winnings tomorrow at one of my favorite places in Vegas…Nordstrom’s at the Fashion Show mall! Woohoo.

That’s what I call real excitement: Good shopping.


Ali says:

Thats so not fair! Pack me in your suitcase next time!( I think I could fit-)

Amber says:

Can I come work with you… How can I get a gig like that?!? Awesome!

Vee says:

have fun spending your winnings! ;)

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