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I think I need to get that book. Man’s Search For Meaning.

I read the latest issue of O magazine on the plane out here to Vegas. The whole day was a blur as I ran through the same thoughts in my mind…what am I doing here? Why am I getting on a plane? What is the purpose of all this? Why can’t I be home playing with my dog or pulling weeds in the front yard……is this what I want to do for the rest of my life?

Then Big Girl Panties Amber says…Because I’m a grown up. That’s why. I have a job, that requires me to travel on occasion and I have to suck it up and go. Sinus infection and all.

And here I sit in a hotel room staring out the window of a place I used to call home, but really all I can think about is being at my real home now.

At the same time, if I were home, I’d be busying myself with the endless to-do list both in and out of work that doesn’t ever go away. Just going through the actions and the motions of life. And somehow the last year has just flown by.

I was looking for recent photos to scrapbook and I had none. The last few months were just some random photos of some tulips and flowers…maybe the dog or cat. I think my photo subjects have been played out.

B said it best a few weeks ago. "I think life is just passing us by. It seems as if we don’t have much to live for to look forward to…I think that a baby would change all that…" And I think he’s right. –No, we’re not having kids just yet, we still have that thing called a wedding to do in 5 months — but yeah, I think we’re ready. Ready to bring a new experience and happiness in our lives. Our friends around us have embarked on that adventure and I think we’re jealous of that special joy they have.

Something to have a purpose for.

-just a few random thoughts. :)


Mrs. H says:

As one of your best friends, a woman at the same point in life and living your exact life in a city far away from our home, I just loved this post. I want you to know it’s exactly how I feel about life at this point in time. The job can be mundane, the to-do lists get longer and as soon as you know it, it’s winter again. :) Love you!

Ali says:

Aww.. you and Brandon will be great parents when the time comes!

Becky Trump says:

Hey, A!
I so get that. Some mornings on my way to work, I think the same thing. You are so not alone!
You and Brandon will certainly make some gorgeous babies, like Ali said, when the time comes! :0)

Hollye says:

Your post makes me smile because I went through the same thing. Miss K is my life and I love it. I love staying home with her. Being a mommy is the greatest!

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