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Bittersweet Success.

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So, if you happened to cruise on over to Citrus Blossoms today, you may of thought to yourself, "I don’t see any updates…and where is this Sale Amber was talking about?"

I don’t even know what the heck happened. Last night it was good. I’ve checked my hosting files and the new ones are all there, yet — all the old ones are live on the site. (And before you ask, yes I’ve hit CTRL + Refresh a hundred times…) It worked last night, but today….sigh….I’ll see what I can do.

On another note, I’m happy it’s Friday and I’ve decided to make a small purchase tonight that will benefit the site too! I will share more this weekend. Have a great day!


Gina says:

Yay Amber! I see the sale (it’s working now right) so I plan on purchasing a few goodies tonight! SO excited! CongRaTs on moving the site and getting things set up – I hope it turns out just the way you want it. ;)

Breanne says:

Hi Friend-
I just cruised over to the Citrus Blossoms website and I am so impressed. You have done such a great job with it. Hey-why am I not part of your creative team? I do love our Napa pictures!
Love you!

Susan says:

Amber I just checked out your site, it is amazing! I love all your kits, keep up the great work!
Your #1 Digi Fan!
- bucket

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