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I’m working on a internet satellite connection, so this will be short and sweet (yeah right).

First, Happy New Year to you all: friends, family and visitors! ;)

I couldn’t be any less than the happiest girl in the world. We’re here! The house is beautiful and perfect! It’s been a fun and tiring few days, but oh-so-worth it. The best part: that wonderful new-house smell. Mmmm…

We’ve had so many laughs since we’ve arrived in this other half of the country…I’ll share a few. It cracked me up when I was in the checkout line at the local grocery store there were plastic covers over the covers of Glamour, Cosmo, Women’s World, US Weekly…..I mean, I’ve seen those over the covers of nudie magazines at gas stations, but Women’s World?!?! I just HAD to ask the checker, and he chuckled and said some get offended by the way the ladies dress on the covers…..

We have officially arrived in another world.

Tonight is New Year’s Eve and we have$50 worth of the most dangerous fireworks I have ever seen since my last visit to the Moapa Valley Indian Reservation outside of Las Vegas!! Seems folks in these parts light off fireworks on New Year’s Eve just like the 4th of July….stands on every corner. Too funny. I’ll let you know how our display works out. ;)

Finally, one new thing I’ll have to get used to is stocking up on wine (which many of you know I’m a big fan of)…and here, wine and liquor is sold outside of grocery stores and in its own stores. But since our county was dry up until a few years ago, it has been impossible to find these said stores. We asked a dozen strangers where the nearest liquor store was…and finally today someone pointed us in the right direction. :) Packed. Huge lines. Everyone had a bottle of champagne…and here we were with 1 Champagne, 1 Merlot, 3 Pinot Grigios and a Reisling. Too funny.

And with that, I’m going back to my glass of Yellow Tail Pinot Grigio and my rolls of kitchen shelf liners that I’m busy cutting up….

I promise when we have the cable internet connection later in the week I’ll catch up on all of your emails that all of you have sent since Xmas!!

Wishing you all a wonderful new year from all of us – me, my wonderful fiance, Rocco puppy and the two kitties.


Lisa says:

Glad u arrived there safetly Amber!! Happy New Year too you!!

Lauren M says:

I am glad you arrived safely. Breanne and I are thinking of you. I can’t wait to get a return phone call (hint hint) so you can catch me up on all the wedding details that I know you’ve already planned. Be-atch. I love you, mini

Laura B says:

Interesting about the plastic covers on the magazines. Must be something about being out there in the “country”, in town they don’t do that. At least not on those magazines. We got fireworks tonight too and set them off. I swear they used to have a big fireworks celebration downtown here (Nashville) on New Year’s, but I guess that’s been a few years.
Welcome to your new home, I hope you’ll love it here!

Leslie says:

Happy New Year, Amber!

Alyson says:

Hi! You don’t know me, but my cousin Shannon ( introduced me to your site (citrusblossoms) because I just started digital scrapping. I just moved to Nashville from Las Vegas, too! We arrived June 30th, so New Years Eve marked 6 months and 1 day here! I hope you like it! We adore it! I hope you don’t mind that I’m commenting! I just wanted to give you a tip about the wine/liquor stores. I don’t know what part of town you live in (we live in Bellevue), but I’ll share our 3 favorite stores! #1: West Meade Wine- on West End in West Meade, where Highway 70S an Highway 100 split. HUGE selection, great prices, and the staff is completely knowledgable and fun. (They love it when my husband wears his Nevada Medicine shirts, and they tease him about how we say ne-VA-duh, instead of Ne-VAHHH-duh.) #2. Green Hills Wine Shoppe: located on Hillsboro, across the street from the Green Hills Mall. Much smaller selection, but AWESOME staff and their selection is eclectic. #3) Grand Cru Wine: On Murphy Avenue and West End right by Vanderbilt. We like them for hard to find wines, but they’re kind of pricey, so we stick with the other two for our “everyday” kinds of wines. (We searched and searched for a Rose Muscat for Thanksgiving dessert, and could only find it at Grand Cru.)
And don’t forget about Sundays! You can’t buy wine/liquor on Sundays! haha, There’ve been many a dinner we’ve hosted or gone to, and couldn’t have wine because we forgot to stock up on Saturday! UGH!
Welcome, kindred Las Vegan! I hope you like it!

Lauren J soon to be H says:

Glad you arrived safely and welcome to life East of the Rockies, isn’t it such a weird place?! :) Call me when you get a chance. Love you! Lauren J soon to be H

Maria says:

HI there,
Congratulations on your move and YOUR ENGAGEMENT!!! My goodness, I can’t believe I’d missed finding out about the good news!!! WOW
Such great news!

kristyann says:

Welcom to the Southeast! so glad you made if okay :) Happiest of new years to you.

Nicole says:

Here I am in the BIBLE Belt and I haven’t heard of anything like that!! I do recall though Walmart pulled a magazine from their shelf (it was seventeen i think) because it was telling girls about their bodies nothing bad but if someone learns about their bodies from a magazine!

Juls says:

Welcome home and Happy New Year! Glad the trip went well. You’ve got quite the adventure finding out all the ins and outs of Nashville. I love that city. LMK if you need an emergency shipment of wine from the non-dry state of California. LOL.

Gina says:

Can’t wait for some new house pics!!!!! You must be having a blast decorating! Make sure to enjoy it all. :)

jackie says:

Welcome to the Bible belt! It still cracks me up to see stuff like that when I go to visit my in-laws. Who knew Cosmo was so scandalous?

megan says:

So Happy for You! What a great end and begining of a year! Take it all in!

Melissa says:

Can’t wait to see pictures of your new house! Happy New Year!

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