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Bloom Where You Are Planted.

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I finally have *proof* I have a green thumb. My roses are in beautiful bloom this weekend. Seems the 90 degree heat produced the ideal conditions for a burst of color. Bloom 

I don’t claim to have the greenest green thumb, but I do have a lot of enthusiasm or shall I say, good intentions, when I set to work about my yard. But…I do get lazy, don’t keep up with the watering…which is evident in my 4 crispy plants on the patio by the pool in the backyard. Then sometimes mother nature (and the sprinklers) are on my side, and my flowers looks pretty damn good.

A glorious weekend here in Vegas. I’m off to catch a few more hours of what’s left of this very relaxing weekend. So happy and content am I.


Joanne says:

Your flowers are beautiful! Spring is definitely in full bloom! Keep up the good work!

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