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Bridal Pics Preview & See Ya!

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So I have a dozen other things to be doing right now….namely packing for our trip to California this afternoon…

San Diego and Newport Beach here we come!!! I can’t wait for the REAL mexican food. Yes people, it is sad, that is #1 thing I am looking forward to!!! LOL But really, #1.5 thing I’m looking forward to is seeing BOTH sets of families…we’re staying a bit of time in San Diego with Brandon’s parents, then it’s off to Newport to meet my family for a family member’s wedding for the weekend – AND a family photo shoot with this awesome girl on Saturday at the Newport pier – then back to San Diego for the next few days.

So back to my preview…I met Amber & John at 7:30am last Sunday morning..we had originally scheduled to meet at 6:30am, but I texted her at 1am that morning to tell her we needed to push it back…you see, I was still working the wedding that late at night/early in the morning! So, Amber & John meet me with my requested Sugar Free Red Bull and off we went into the humid morning air…which completely flattened my hair, oh well! We went to some AMAZING spots…Nashville is so freaking cool I forget sometimes….I think these sneak peeks are great and can’t wait to see more!

The logo I designed for them and their new business

This first one among the trees is my favorite! The spot is on a little country road about 5 mins from my house…



This red door by coincidence is the building entrance to my friends at Dove Wedding Photography


This is a cool blue wall outside a bar downtown…

There are so many more I can’t wait to see the rest! 


doris says:

gorgeous photos! happy trails! :D

Amber says:

Glad you liked them Amber! The first one is my favorite too…and that last one is looking a wee bit dark on my work monitor. May have to do a little more tweaking before I pass the final file onto you!
Have a wonderful trip!!!

jenn says:

i totally know what you mean about the mexican food! there is nothing like mexican food in san diego… nothing! have a great trip!

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