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Celebrate Life kit available!

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As promised, here are the previews of this new kit released today at ACOT! :) It includes 49 papers, a full alphabet, 111 elements (doodles, ribbons, tags, etc) and a BONUS 10 exclusive layouts to provide inspiration – all for $9.99!

Lots of images for this kit to see it all – click on an image for a larger pic!

1_2  2_1  3_2 7

4_2  5  6 8_1

So happy it’s FRIDAY!!! Lot’s of fun planned for this weekend. Brandon’s friend is visiting us on leave from Vegas…he just got back from Iraq a week ago…and he’s off on a new assignment to Japan for 3 years…won’t see him again till the wedding when he’ll be one of our groomsmen! :)


Nancy says:

Looks great Amber…which designs are yours?

Shell says:

Fab kit! Love your banner!

sherrivonl says:

where are you in the pic on your banner?
and….are you setting up a tripod to get all these pics of you and brandon together (like the one in your sunday breakfast layout) or who is taking these pics for you??? Inquiring minds want to know!

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