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CHA Sneak Peek #2

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Wow it’s been a busy week around here! Getting ready for one of my best friend’s that I’ve known since high school’s wedding in Las Vegas this weekend. She is getting married at the most gorgeous place in all of Las Vegas, here. It’s going to be so fun and so perfect! I can’t lie that I’m not nervous about walking down that aisle as a bridesmaid. I always feel like the whole ceremony thing is a blur – but in a good way! ;)

Anyway, in all this busy-ness, I realized I hadn’t shown my other release for CHA that is also this weekend! Can’t wait to get my hands on these samples! Y’all enjoy, those of you who are going to the show! ;)



ooooooooh i love this one!! i love them all but the top right is adorable! good luck this weekend. at least you’re getting practice walking down the aisle for your big day. although, it doesn’t come close to comparing. :)

Cheryl says:

Love It!!! I wish I could get my hands on some of it too. Have fun at your friend’s wedding this weekend.

doris says:

happy happy happy! love the tilt! :D

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