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Chicago Photos Part I

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Ahhh…Chi-cah-go.  Loved it. Such a neat city. Loved the architecture cruise that went up the river. The best way to see Chicago by far. Though seeing the brownstones from the seat of the train was cool too. :)


The super cute A2Z booth just before the halls opened on the first day. Everybody had compliments for our Restoration Hardware/PB look. It was funny to hear many ladies say, "that’s how I want my scrapbook room to look."


The super cute buckets of altered flowers that Heidi made for each line. Here are my Vintage and Art Box bouquets! A few lucky stores will be the recipients of these cute guys!


Heidi, myself and Mandi ready with big smiles to start the first day of the show!


Nothing like seeing it in person to make it all so REAL. Love it! Loved seeing the colors and the patterns in real life…on screen just doesn’t cut it!


My LSS girls from Nashville representin’ and checking out the A2Z booth. Stole this from KelliDarrSuperStar’s blog…hope you don’t mind Kelli! :)


Finally got to meet and chat with my fellow bride-to-be, Becky in real life!


Another beautiful shot of the city.

More photo and recap tomorrow! :)


Vee says:

your booth looks awesome!
the pp is awesome as well can’t wait to see IRL
love the shots of the city too

Becky Cantu says:

Those are some great shots, girlie!!!
So super excited that I got to meet you and hang-out for a while!!! You are such a cool person – I know we’d hang out all the time if we lived close!!! And not to mention – even more beautiful in person. HOT!

maria says:

Can’t wait to see your line IRL! It looks awesome on pictures!

sherrivonl says:

your paper looks freaking awesome!!!
can’t wait to get it here in the store!
love those buckets of flowers…surely you can score one for your own LSS? right?

Candy says:

I’s darn happy for you, Amber! You and your paper line are gorgeous! :O)

Kristen says:

Looks like you had tons of fun! Your paper is GOR-GEOUS! I can’t wait to see more!

annkelli says:

It was so much fun seeing you at the show.
A little bit of home in the midst of madness!
I absolutely loved your paper.
Not just saying that because it’s yours.
It really is fabulous!
Can’t wait to get it in the store.
See you soon!

Kate says:

So great to see you again Amber- LOVEd your papers- and you are right the A2Z booth was awesome- looked fantastic!! I so missed out on that cruise- dangnabbits!!!

kellidarr says:

Your papers ROCK! Can’t wait to get my hands on them! It was good to see you in Chi-town. Great pics too;) Happy Weekend, K

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