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Christmas in July.

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Yep, Hobby Lobby has about 75% of their Christmas stuff out. It is crazy.

And the first time I was in there this week, I was thinking how ridiculous it was. And then I went back today and I actually looked at the stuff. And the wheels starting turning…and I was already thinking of ideas for presents and ornaments and looking forward to my 2nd Annual (in TN) cookie party….and how great it would be to get a head start on it all…


Dude. I can’t be thinking about this sort of stuff when I’ve got wedding menus and programs to design and assemble, invitations to finish up, blah blah blah.

Evil Hobby Lobby.


Lauren M says:

Yes, it is evil. They have taken about 10% of our paychecks. Such a trap! You have the urge to buy it all…

Hollye says:

At least they aren’t playing Christmas carols! I can not wait for the cookie party. I have been on the look out for the perfect cookie recipe! I had such a blast last year.

Let me know about the cookie party that sounded like fun last year…I have a great recipe!

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