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Tagbook2 Feeling happy and re-energized for scrapbooking.

Last night was my chipboard tag book at ScrapIt. Had a really good time! Loving the whole weeknight class time. And it was a nice change of pace to sit back as the students worked on their projects…we chatted about just about everything! And it was fun! Enjoyed getting to know everyone a bit more…I’m getting some regular students now, and it’s always nice to see familiar faces. :)

For awhile now I was feeling a bit burnt out on scrapbooking. Burnt out on just about everything and anything that had to do with it. So, I took a much needed break and step back from everything…and now I’m ready to get back into the swing of things. My class last night even helped guide me on what they wanted for my November class. Thanks guys! I’m going to try and be better about posting class project previews before the class, so you have time to still sign up.

There is a waiting list now for the Fall Workshop next month at ScrapIt. I say get on it if you’re still interested, it’s going to be fun! :)

An absolute beautiful day here again in Tennessee…coffee on the front porch this morning…our friend’s house closes at 1pm today and they will be our new neighbors across the street….loving the scent of my pumpkin spice candle from White Barn Co….

doesn’t get any better than this!


doris says:

yummy fall weather . . . mmmmmmmmm . . . :D

Hollye says:

I loved the class and was thrilled that I was able to finish it. I showed it to my husband when I got in and he thought it was a neat project. Can’t wait until the November class. I LOVE the SEI Christmas paper!

kellidarr says:

three things:)
1. I want to take your November class:)
2. I want to run out and buy that candle:)
3. I wish I would have been able to take your class this week!

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