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Cold Weather Goodies…

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So cold weather has officially set in here in Nashville…high of 38 today! I even saw a couple flakes floating around outside the window this morning.

My growing belly was in need of some warm necessities…the local Old Navy doesn’t have that great of a maternity section…but wow, the online selection was great today! All this ended up in my shopping bag for $150 – what a steal. :)

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Wow I really have a thing for pink and red don’t I?? :) Can’t wait for those comfy pj’s and slippers!

I”m going to do some long-over due scrapbooking with friends tonight. Yay! Hopefully have some fun things to share with you soon!

Happy Friday


Katie says:

That stuff is so cute it makes me want to get pregnant just so I can buy some too. (Reminds me of the new Volkswagen commercials…people are getting pregnant just so they can buy the new minivan) :)

Jilly says:

Oh wow! I love all your choices:)
I hope you have fun tonight scrapbooking..

Lauren H. says:

Cute! Cute! Cute! My most favorite jeans while pregnant were my Old Navy jeans with the big belly panel. They were so comfy…I wish I could wear them now.

Julie says:

Adorable clothes. I loved being pregnant, even loved the clothes (the second time around were more fashionable and less “cutesy”) but couldn’t stand those panels over my belly…oh they make me itchy and cringe as we speak-lol Have a great Thanksgiving and stay safe. :)

Debbie says:

Hope you have a wonderful, safe Thanksgiving. Eat lots of fabulous food and enjoy those great clothes.

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