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First confession: I’ve listened to Hilary Duff’s "Coming Clean" music video TWICE tonight on Yahoo Music Videos. Yes, I admit that this quite the teeny bopper song, but it just exudes high school and college-angst memories for me. That, and I have a secret indulgence for Laguna Beach on MTV. It is after all, a very catchy theme song.

I guess my indulgence isn’t quite so secret. All of the coordinators in my department at work (there are 6 of us gals ranging in age 24 to 30) regularly speculate, analyze and discuss episodes from this addicting show. We recap missed episodes and also share celebrity gossip on a daily basis. I love it. Such a fun group of gals! Which brings me to another confession: I subscribe to US Weekly.

And another confession: I also enjoy watching "good-feeling" reality tv. The kind of reality tv the seems to serve some sort of purpose other than just entertainment.  "Extreme Home-Makeover" is good. "Supernanny" is cool too. And tonight I caught an episode of "3 Wishes." Man, I balled my eyes out a half-dozen times on this one – but good, happy tears.

After writing a post that really serves no purpose, I’m totally wishing I knew how to add one of those little music video boxes to my blog. So you could indulge in Hilary Duff, too.

JUST FOR A DAY or TWO, of course….

I almost wrote a post once how much those friggin’ music video boxes annoy me when I read blogs. If you’re not expecting it and you have the volume up, then BAM! the music scares the crap out of you (and my poor dog, too!).

Well, I’m off to do some research on how to add the silly thing…heheheheeh….


Woohoo! Figured out some background music! And if you are just CRINGING, press ESC on your keyboard and you can shut her up. ;)


tricia says:

Ok, I am beyond addicted to laguna. I didn’t watch it last season…but I am totally diggin it this season. My sis and I always discuss it afterwards. What is with Jason? And Stephen? Do you just like having girls fall for you??? Ugh! LOL

melissa says:

I haven’t watched Laguna Beach but I am addicted to the OC. I heard they are very similar.
BTW- I like Hilary Duff :)

Lauren in NE says:

Again Amber, we are one in the same. I LOVE LAGUNA BEACH! Even more than I love the O.C. And I too work with about 7 25-30 year old women and this teeny-bob television is all we talk about. Although, we add in how well it does in the ratings since we sell it. :) BTW- I’m diggin’ the background music! See you in 4 weeks!!!!!!

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