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Day 1: I didn’t fall.

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I was sort of preoccupied with that thought of falling and smacking my head on the treadmill as I started Day 1 this morning.

3 miles in a respectable for me anyway, 41 minutes. Did a few minutes of walking at the end of every mile for some water.

Found this training plan online.

My friend Ashley, who is running the full marathon, is taking me to Fleet Feet in Brentwood tommorrow for shoes and socks. She said they will put me on a treadmill to see how I run to determine what shoe is best for me. Ha! I think this many look funny in my work clothes, but I’m game… ;)

She also told me I have to run outside whenever possible. This should prove interesting in this cold weather… ;)


Lauren H. says:

One tip about starting to run. The program I did, broke everything down into 5 minutes. If you are just starting out, run 1 minute, walk 4 mins. Next week or 2 weeks later, 2 minutes run, 3 mins walk, etc. By the time you realize it, you’re running the full distance. It’s a better way of measuring and making sure you are building your endurance rather than just running until you can’t run anymore.

Lauren H. says:

Oh yeah, and running outside is a much better judge of how well you’ll run. Treadmills make it far too easy.

jenn says:

i ran the rock and roll marathon in 2005… i never thought i could do something like that, but with training it is amazing what one’s body can do! keep it up!

Lauren M says:

I agree. If you start training for it, and forget about losing weight, THAT is when the weight will come off. I am trying to improve my endurance on the treadmill, too, and I notice a difference in my health AND on the scale. Will report back on further progress. Your partner in crime via satellite…

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