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I’ve been yearning for a new wave of creativity to wash over me…taking steps here and there to get over there

…and one place to start is Keri Smith’s 100 ideas.

#2 sounded intriguing to me. and you know what? I had fun with it. I wrote a letter to Amber McDonald, to be delivered to Me, on August 23, 2006.

After I finished writing it, I thought about how I would fold it up and tuck it away – for now. And then it came to me: I  would fold it up oragami style, just like the old days in jr. high, complete with little directive "PULL" on the half-tucked piece…


At first thought, I told myself I wouldn’t remember how to do it. But, I put the negative thought quickly aside, and slowly I felt it come back to me… and my hands magically folded and creased their ways, just as they had done so many years ago.

Noteletter_1 The letter isn’t entirely insightful. Mostly well wishes and reminders of things to focus on, things that are important that sometimes I lose sight of….but the whole act of writing this letter to my future self, was really, really cool. 

I mean, who knows where I’ll be sitting in one year? What will I be wearing? How will I have changed? How have I stayed true to my self? Big questions…

And with that, I’m already excited to pick another from the list…maybe you’ll do one too? (and be sure to send a link if you do!)


Love that idea! So gonna hafta do it! Thanks for the inspiration!
P.S. I will email you back hopefully today! Sorry for being a pooey email friend!!! :0)

Jojo says:

Hi Amber,
Luved the letter you wrote. Cool idea! I remember doing the same thing once- but for work. This was when i was still on probation as a flight attendant- and opened it a yr later once i got off probation. I remember a part of it said -”well give yourself a pat on the shoulder- you did it!” It felt good! Anyways.. i just want to say that I really do enjoy reading your blog. Very insightful! Thanks.

Danni says:

I love this kinda schtuff, lady! Love it. It is just what I needed today too, so I thank you for that.

Amy says:

That sounds like such a cool idea! I’m going to check it out. Love your new header too..just gorgeous!

Kate says:

Cool idea Amber- may have to do one of those letters too!!

Lisa says:

Amber, your link to Kerri’s 100 Ideas is Da Bomb!!!! Thanks for sharing such a wonderful link and a wonderful site with loads of inspiration. I am starting on my list right away!!!

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