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Introducing my newest toy: my Wacom tablet!

After longing for one, I finally picked it up on sale at BestBuy last night. Took it out of the box, did the really easy installation, and I was in business. But, this little magic pen is tricky. More tricky than I thought it would be. Hopefully after some practice (as Rhonna told me), I will get better.

Here is my first official "doodle." And the cool corner brushes are not by me (not that talented yet, though they are what I’d like to get to…). They are by TrulySarah and are called romanticborder (PS brushes). But, the artsy little flowers were all done by yours truly. Hope everybody will have a super-creative day! Hoping to get working on some projects today!



Danni says:

That’s pretty cool! I’m guessing if I can’t draw on paper, then one of those isn’t going to help I bet…

Dawn says:

dang i need one of those !

Laura says:

Ooooh, I’ve been wanting one of those!! It doesn’t look like you had trouble at all, your doodling looks really smooth. Very whimsical and pretty. Good job!!

e cuzzacrea says:

oh wow – what a fun toy!!!

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