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Dreaming of Fall…

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Yup…all ready for my favorite season of all: Fall.

The changing leaves, the pumpkin, the yummy cider from Starbucks…can’t wait! I know it will be an even more spectacular and special season this year — being our first here in Tennessee.

Not sure why it’s quite on the mind…I think because I have already seen some trees going yellow and losing leaves…like a little preview of what’s around the corner. :)

Here are some pics from our visit to TN last November when we were checking on the progress on the new house…most of the leaves had already gone brown, but I loved it anyway!





Had a fun little weekend just doing average weekend stuff.

I hate saying I have "lots to do this week" because I feel like I say that all the time.

So instead I’ll just say, looking forward to a great week ahead! :)


Oooh, your post makes me want Fall too! October is my favorite month. Fall in TN is awesome. My favorite place is Jackson’s Orchard in Bowling Green, Ky and there’s a good one in Franklin too – Gentry’s Farm.

Lucinda says:

I too dream of fall. I’m not a big fan of Summer. We have had so many days of over 100. I’m sick of it! Fall, we only get about 2 weeks of it in Dallas and then it’s winter. I shouldn’t tease myself summer will be here for a least 2 1/2 more months!

Becky Cantu says:

Mmmm, Fall.
I can’t wait either.
This post made me smile!

Gari-Ann in TX says:

Ooo! I love fall! Hobby Lobby has all of their fall stuff out, and I’m loving all the decorations. Yep, even if we only get 2 weeks of it here in Dallas. ;) I’m digging the idea of wearing big comfy sweaters with jeans and boots. Love fall fashion!

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