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Easter & Grandparent Housley Visit

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Brandon's parents came to visit us and meet their first grandbaby! We headed out to Cheekwood to enjoy some beautiful Spring weather and see all the gardens in bloom.





On Easter Sunday, Colin attended his first church service. He did so good and slept in his peanut shell the whole time. When we took communion, his little head peeked out and the Pastor gave him his first blessing. It was too sweet.


Alas, his original Easter outfit did not survive the whole day, so our back-up was this cute one from Janie & Jack that Brandon's boss' family had got us as a shower gift. It was too cute.


And of course,  my two men were adorable together.



This Easter was extra special not only because it was Colin's first, but it also was the first in our house. So I marked the occasion with a beautiful Easter dinner in the dining room. I was so excited to use our wedding china. Everyone was so worried to use it but me. I'm not content for it to just be on display gathering dust…life's too short to not use it. ;) Joyce and Matt joined us as well…good food, friends and family.




Colby says:

What adorable photos! Cheekwood must be beautiful. Gorgeous pics!

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