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Engagement Pics Slideshow!

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Our photographer is amazing! She got these edited and done within 1 week because they were heading on vacation and didn’t want to make us wait so long. I love them!

Wait for the slideshow to fully load before you hit play and have your volume turned up for the music. :)

I love ‘em! I love ‘em! (and even Brandon does too which is a rare thing!)


Tiffany says:

Those are GREAT pics! I can’t wait to do mine this fall!

Julie says:

Those are FANTASTIC Amber!

fran heupel says:

Wow Amber those pictures are wonderful.
Faithful blog reader.
Fran Heupel

Amber says:

Wonderful pics!!! Thanks for sharing the link! You must be getting so excited!!

Ali Mclaughlin says:

Totally loved them Amber!!

Awesome pics! you will make some beautiful scrapbook pages with those!

Kate Teague says:

AMBER!!!!! Those pics are gorgeous!!!! WOW!!! And I love your Barbie cake- I made one for Kenzie last year (well it was Snow White) and she loved it!!!

Candy says:

WOW! These are just absolutely amazing!!!!! Can’t wait to see the wedding photos, Amber! I am just sooo happy for you!!!

Mandi Martin says:

Love the pictures Amber!!! WOW! Funny to thing, when I saw you this time last year in Chicago at CHA the wedding seemed so far away! Not too much longer!

Kelley says:

These photos are fabulous!! I know you must be so dang excited that they turned out so well!!

Hollye says:

Those are beautiful Amber. Can’t wait to see how the wedding photos turn out!

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