I guess this is the post where I say we had a wonderful Christmas and recap all of the wonderful gifts given and received. And yes, while it was a nice Christmas and all, I’m just happy for it to be over. Another month and year is over, and it leaves me thinking that sometimes things go by so fast you don’t really get to sit and enjoy it all. Always another gift to be bought, a deadline to meet, a plane to catch, cards to be mailed, parties to prepare for…so many expectations you sometimes don’t meet or feel satisfied in the end with.

Brandon and I made it home the day before Xmas eve to find ourselves feeling sort of odd being just the two of us. You would think I would be used to it now – the holidays with just the two of us, and the fact I had just gotten through 4 days of full-throttle family action at my parents house in Vegas…but somehow it still felt odd. Not sad and lonely odd, just sort of like we were missing something. Left me thinking…I guess that’s why you go and have babies – to enjoy the holidays again. ;)

I’m just happy for it now to be just another month and day. Excited for a fresh new start for the new year. Hitting the gym today to get a head start on a new year’s resolution. Another good reason: I have a hot bridesmaids dress I need to fit into in T-minus 31 days! ;)

Oh and Happy Day After Xmas Sale Shopping. Picked up some yummy 50% off wrapping paper from my favorite paper this year: the SugarPlum collection from Martha Stewart at Kmart.

One less thing to pick up for next year’s Christmas, right?

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