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For Sale: Scrappin’ Furniture

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If any of the locals in the Nashville area are interested…lots of scrappin’ funky vintage furniture needs a new home!

Antique Farmhouse/Sawhorse Table ~6′ long. The best scrapping table ever! It was orig. painted brown when I found it an antique store. I sanded it and applied some walnut stain, and sanded some of the edges for a worn look. Lovingly used but in great condition! $50 UPDATED: SOLD


2 Pier One Imports Wrought Iron Racks – I used these as a "hutch" on the desk. Perfect for a dozen colorful bowls I picked up at various TjMaxx’s and Marshalls. The bowls aren’t for sale, but I promise you’d be able to start your own collection – I usually see those bowls for around $1.99 each. The iron racks are about 3′ tall and are very solid for heavy weight use. $20 each SOLD


Side table with drawers. Perfect for cutting paper on, and storing supplies in. The baskets shown with it aren’t for sale, but I do have some other fun colorful baskets and buckets from Pier One I’ll send with it for free! Bought a year ago from Marshalls for around $89.  SOLD


Matching mini side table (made of same materials, color wood, handles, etc). I used it for holding my printer at times, other times as a side table for frames and a lamp. SOLD


2 Jumbo Art Paper Clips – perfect for holding your favorite layouts for display on the wall! $5 each. SOLD


Antique Sewing Table – another authentic vintage piece we sanded down and stained walnut. We’ve used for many a purpose of the years, telephone stand/table, tv stand, scrapbook table, mini computer desk, sewing table. $15 – UPDATED: SOLD

A very old photo of the sewing table from my two peas gallery when I showed off my orig. scraproom 3 years ago!:


Hey look the farmhouse table back then & the paper clips!


And another way I used the racks – spice jars held little trinkets.


Email me at amberamcdonald at yahoo dot com if you’re interested!

$175 for all – and I have some PierOne baskets and totes, and a stool to throw in too!

**UPDATED: Everything is sold! Thanks! :)


Ali says:

Cute stuff Amber! love what you did with the little bowls. Can’t wait to see your new room!

Hollye says:

I sent you an email.

Lauren m says:

Wish you lived in NC and could help me decorate my house. Great taste, and the stuff is on it’s way out :)
Miss you friend. See you in June.

tricia says:

cute desk!!! yay for whoever got it!

Aimee says:

your room looked so great-can’t wait to see what you do next

jen says:

awesome decorating! these are the things you sold?? Geesh, I’d love a room like this! Can’t wait to see what you get instead!
Do you know by chance where you got the jumbo paper art clips from? Those are super cute!

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