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Was going about my morning taking a few pics of things that capture my everyday life. I was playing around with the camera to see if I could get a picture in the mirror of me in my full-on Sunday bed-head complete with pj’s. Caught this photo by accident which I thought was sort of a cool angle. Played with some filters and ended up with 2 results. One a bit pinkish, one a bit greenish in a vintage polaroid sort of way. So blog readers, which do you prefer? I’ll use the one you guys pick for a future layout.

Pinkishsat   Greenish

Other than that, I’ve been in a funk today. I have this habit of spending an extraordinary amount of time in stores without buying anything. I take my time, look things over, place many a thing in my cart. But then I get to the register, and if there is any sort of line, I start to mull everything over…and usually just drop everything and walk out. (Sorry "go-back" people). I did this today at Target, Michael’s and Aaron Brothers. I was gone for maybe 3 hours and come home with only an adhesive refill.

In other news, we may have found our temporary living quarters for the next couple of months.  It is a rental house not too far from where we currently are. I’m trying to stay positive and bite my tongue around Brandon, but I’m definitely not digging the living situation. It just feels so dirty there. But, they’ll take our pets and a month to month lease, so we have to take what we can get. At least it will make us appreciate our new house so MUCH more. I’ve already been given orders to begin packing. And so "the move" begins.


Bucket says:

I like the 1st picture! Very pretty picture!
So you’ve been given orders to start packing? Augh, take a breather. It’ll all be worth it once you move. So when are you leaving vegas? I’m going on up there in August, 2nd week, and hopefully we can meet up before you leave.

april says:

amber- i like the first one as well!

Toni says:

Hey Amber….I’m lovin’ photo # 1!!! Great shot!!
Asking the same thing as bucket…When are you moving, cause I’ll be there Sept 10th ish…..Hoping we can hook up!!

kristy says:

I like the first one :)

Krystyn says:

the first picture

angcreates4u says:

hey miss amber! i’m also planning on being in L.V. in august, let’s definitely get together!!!! oh yeah, i’m loving picture #1-love the pinkish tint!

Danni says:

Number one for me too and I found another gallery of what must be a new CT-er…wow! Good stuff!

Lauren M says:

Amber, I think I am totally outvoted, but I like #2 for it’s hip artistic quality. You asked for my comment and there it is. I can’t wait for YA’LL to move to the south so we can catch flights, and actually spend time together like the olden days.
Love, your M to the I to the N to the I – MINIBAR
PS You are looking thin – eat a damn chicken wing! HAHA

Julie says:

I like the first one as well

andie says:

Wow! Hvae you ever been told your profile looks like Angealina Jolie? I like #2!

Jenny W says:

Amber, I am not sure if it is too late to tell you how beautiful you are because I have not had a chance to look at you blog for a while, but I am going to have to agree with Mini, the 2nd pic and also eat something!

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