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Fresh Flowers & Stale Cake.

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It was a perfect anniversary!

Beautiful flowers delivered..they are an exact match to our wedding flowers and my bridal bouquet. To say I love them would be an understatement. I LOVE LOVE them. Carry Ann does such great work and is the sweetest florist – I see her a lot on weekends since we recommend her to our clients at A Delightful Day after I had such a great experience working with her. :)


And the stale cake topper. Oh yes, I had dozed off during our winning Chargers Monday night football game (thanks Baby Housley), and Brandon woke me up insisting it was bad luck if we didn’t have a bite of our wedding cake.


Well, we are good on "good luck"…even though the lemon cake and raspberry jam filling tasted more  freezer burned than anything….yuck! A single bite was all either of us could muster.

Thanks for all the anniversary wishes. :)


Lauren H. says:

If it’s bad luck to not eat your wedding cake on your 1 year anniversary, Matt and I are doomed. Our cheesecake didn’t survive the night of the wedding. Oh well, we had cheesecake to celebrate anyway.
I still can’t believe it’s been 1 year and you’re going to be a mommy! So exciting.
Love you tons!

Katie says:

Happy (belated) anniversary! Your husband is so great with the exact bouquet flowers…I can say without hesitation that my husband doesn’t even remember what my bouquet looked like, let alone knows where it came from. :)

Jenny says:

I can’t believe it’s been a year. I am so dreading our cake topper. I’m hoping it’s somewhat decent. I guess a bite is all it takes. Congrats on your anniversary.

Alison says:

HI, I just came across your blog and what a beautiful wedding you had! Congrats on your anniversary, too.

Melanie says:

My husband and I just had our first anniversary a couple of weeks ago, and our cake tasted just as fantastic as it did a year ago. I was shocked!

Carrie says:

Flowers just like your wedding bouquet? Sweetest thing ever!!! They are *beautiful*!

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