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I love Old Navy tees in the spring/summer.

I buy what seems like 10 each year.

My latest favorite:



Happy Cinco de Mayo! Viva Mexico!

For those who don’t know me personally, I’m half Mexican.  Unfortunately, I never had much exposure to that side of my heritage for most of my life and pretty much had an average all-american suburban upbringing.

But I’m proud of where I come from. I LOVE any sort of latino (mexican, central american, and spanish) food and drink. Love the spicy stuff and Tapatio hot sauce goes on half my dishes. Oh, and the hips and ass? I got those too. And I know how to work them on the dance floor you-betcha.  ;)

If I had a list of regrets or wish I could’ves for my life thus far…

Near the top of my list would be wishing my grandma had taught me how to make her tortillas before she died almost 10 years ago. I can remember as a little girl going over to her house….I’d be sitting in the kitchen, watching her take out the ingredients and mix them together in a bowl. And then I would help her roll out the dough with a smooth wood hand roller…

so perfect and comforting…a steaming plate of tortillas with a smear of butter….


Ali says:

I am half mexican too! Do you speak spanish??
Love the Old navy tees too.. but I have found they get all stretched out in like a year.. I guess for the price though thats not bad. Just hate that though. Had to throw a bunch of mine away.

Vee says:

love old navy tees too!

Andrea* says:

Hola Latina! I am half cuban~ and am also very proud of my heritage, though my fair skin often brings funny looks.

mary says:

Tortillas w/butter yum my mouth is watering, I get them about 4x’s a year if I’m lucky! Both my parents are Mexican/American
I’m also a fan of the Old Navy Tees love the 1 I bought recently it says Viva Mexico! “Cinco de Mayo”
Do you miss the Bunuelos? yummm!

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