So when it comes to gift giving with my fiancee, I’m not the best shopper.

My intentions are always 100% good, but somehow along the way they fall flat.

Example #1:

Circa three years ago, Brandon was living in a condo and ‘fixing it up’. I knew he needed a place for his tools, but he didn’t have a garage so I knew he couldn’t have a full standing Craftsman special tool box. So I find what I think is the perfect tool box! It’s bigger than your average size, and EVEN HAD ROLLERS and a handle like ones on carry on suitcases. It’s PERFECT!….

Oh and did I mention it was MADE OF PLASTIC?? Tools + plastic toolbox = NOT COOL. (though I didn’t know at the time of course). I guess I was thinking all about "function" and organization. OH and somewhere in transportation after it had been wrapped, it cracked. Yeah, go figure. So we all reference that Christmas as "the time Amber got Brandon a BROKEN PLASTIC TOOL BOX."

I could go on to retell more stories of other bad presents, but I’ll save you the laughs.

This year however, was going to be THE BEST GIFT GIVING YEAR EVER. I had done SO GOOD. I thought of purpose, of quality, of need, and it was a very, very nice and expensive gift. I was so smug with myself! AND the most perfect thing of all, HE WOULD NEVER GUESS or have any clue what this present was (which he USUALLY does)…

Fast forward to this week….

At work they were doing a Christmas exchange and one of his co-workers emailed me who had drawn his name. This person wanted some ideas on what to get him. I offered up a couple, but they still came back asking if maybe he wanted some sort of tool? cufflinks? anything else? I replied no to the above items and offerred some more ideas up…..

And then yesterday, he came home with cufflinks.

And he proceeded to tell me the story of how I had told this person NOT to get him cufflinks, but someone else knew that he really wanted some, so they got him anyway. Then when they were opening gifts THEY ALL realized, gee, there’s probably a reason why Amber told you NOT TO GET HIM CUFFLINKS.

And he looked at me after saying all this with a smile…not knowing the wrath that was about to come..

So what did I do?

I STARTED TO CRY. I was SO furious. I mean this was THE YEAR I was going to give the best gift ever! And now someone got him practically the same gift!

And then (30 mins. much later) he calmed me down and said some nice things. And insisted I open one of mine. (side note: yes, I know I must sound like a 5 year old at this point).

And in the end, it doesn’t even matter what the gift he got me was (ok I really, really love it), but it was the Christmas Card that he picked out…

Little falling snowflakes and hearts were scattered on it.
And on the front read: "To my beautiful fiancee"
And on the inside: "sometimes everything just falls perfectly into place. Merry Christmas to us."

And then Brandon, trying to still cheer me up, said: "look honey, the card even has our wedding colors."


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